Quiet Time with Jesus – How Great Is Our God!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Bible tells us that God sent a plague on the Philistines in Ashdod … When they moved the ark to Gath, God moved the plague to Gath. When they moved the ark to Ekron, God moved the plague to Ekron …

Finally, the Philistines gave an offering to the God of the Hebrews and sent the ark back to Israel … (1 Samuel 6:8)

The Philistines tried to rig the return of the ark. They put the ark on a cart pulled by two cows that had never pulled a cart, cows with nursing calves penned up at home, and sent the cows on their way with the ark. The Philistine leaders obviously did everything they could to keep the cows from taking the ark away.

Beth Moore: Have you ever wanted a certain answer from God so desperately that you consciously or subconsciously tried to “rig” the results? Reading things into the answer that just weren’t there? Grabbing the first thing out of someone’s mouth as your answer? I think we all have. It’s easy to do, but it invariably leads to pain because we end up claiming a promise or a position God never gave us. Unquote

The cows would not pull the cart together, and certainly they would not leave their calves. Certainly … except for God. The cows OBEYED the Creator of cows.

The above story proves a basic truth about LIFE: Sin makes us stupid. The cows had better sense than the Philistines. God can appoint even the beasts of the field to do His bidding.

LYL: I remember asking God once whether I should go to a certain place … As I prayed, I was actually looking for signs that would tell me not to go (because I didn’t want to go). I wanted to ‘catch’ the sign(s) and tell people that God confirmed.

I knew deep in my heart what I had wanted to do and was just trying to get God to say ‘Okay, do as you please.’ Sometimes, God let me have my way but a few times, God asked, “Why are you asking Me?” As I continue my journey with Jesus, listening to His voice, He does say – “Follow your heart.” Thanks be to God!

Rick Renner: Is it possible that after Judas had walked with Jesus for three years, he himself had never really come to know the real Jesus?

How long have you walked with Jesus? Do you really know Him?

Jesus went willingly with the soldiers who had come to arrest Him. He did not hide or put up a fight. After being supernaturally empowered by the angel God sent to help Him, Jesus rose up and went out to greet Judas and the troops …

Rick Renner: The next time you hear that someone has a wrong perception about you, don’t let it ruffle your feathers too much. Remember all the times you’ve had a wrong perception about someone else!

My prayer

Dear Father God, thank You for teaching me through Your Word and Your Spirit. Yes, I do remember the times I had wrong perception about other people. I was mistaken. I was misled. I did not know everything. I did not ask. I did not know what to ask. I did not know who to ask. But I learn. I choose to learn and I choose to love. Amen! 

From now on, I want to be more watchful and prayerful. I will not allow the enemy to shoot me with fiery darts. I will take up the shield of faith, with which I can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Armed with the mind of Christ, I will continually pray for all the saints. Amen!

One of my Bible teachers told us to observe a bird in the rain and see how the raindrops land and slip off the bird’s feathers … 

Once again, I’m in that secret place – absolutely amazed, utterly awed! Thank You God! 

O Father in heaven, Creator of all creatures, Redeemer of man, How Great You Are!

Sing with me: “The splendor of the King, clothed in majesty; Let all the earth rejoice, all the earth rejoice; He wraps Himself in light, and darkness tries to hide; And trembles at His voice, trembles at His voice;

How great is our God, sing with me: How great is our God; All will see how great, how great is our God;

Age to age He stands, and time is in His hands; Beginning and the end, beginning and the end; The Godhead, three in one: Father, Spirit, Son; The Lion and the Lamb; The Lion and the Lamb;

How great is our God, sing with me – How great is our God; All will see how great, how great is our God;

Name above all names; Worthy of all praise; My heart will sing; How great is our God!”


Lam Yee Ling

Kingdom Life: Follow the leading of the Lord; Listen to the Lord’s voice; Follow the way of the Lord. The Lord will guide us always. (Isaiah 58:11)