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Image by Susan Weber

STORIES & Testimonies

Here, we feature stories and testimonies of people who have gone through unique journeys; these authentic and God-glorying testimonies speak of the goodness of God. May these stories of hope and blessings encourage faith in Christ Jesus.

Testimonies of healing


A lady who stood in proxy for father having cancer in the kidney and having treatment, was touched by the Lord!

(17 April 2022)

ears/ EYES/ Nose

A word of knowledge  was released for a person with ringing in the ear.  A man with that condition came forward and there was improvement after prayer. 

(25 September 2022)

head and neck

A migrant brother asked to be prayed for for his headache. After prayer, he said that the headache was gone. Praise the Lord!

(4 August 2022)

Back/ Chest

A lady who had pain in her knee and back felt relief after prayer in her knee and back, and also her emotions.

(4 September2022)


"I walked without my stick back home after and before the train and bus ride. It really is a miracle"

- Lady who went to Healing Rooms

(11 November 2023)


An elderly lady with left hip pain was healed.

The pain was gone and she left the church full of joy. 

All glory to God.

(4 September 2022)

Internal organs

Fill this space with your testimony!


A word of knowledge was released for a person with depression. A man came to stand in proxy to pray for his wife's depression and for himself to be set free from fear, worry and anxiety. (31 July 2022)



David Chia (left) in a wheelchair and (right) playing badminton. Photo courtesy of TRAC Healing Ministry

At TRAC Healing Ministry and Cairnhill Methodist Church, we have seen God heal all kinds of sickness, ranging from cancer, pain, gastrointestinal issues to deafness. At the most recent TRAC Healing Service in Aldersgate Methodist Church on 23 August 2023, we saw God heal arthritis, claw toe and knee pain; two persons on wheelchairs even started to walk!


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