STORIES & Testimonies

Here, we feature stories and testimonies of people who have gone through unique journeys; these authentic and God-glorying testimonies speak of the goodness of God. May these stories of hope and blessings encourage faith in Christ Jesus.

Testimonies of healing


A lady who stood in proxy for father having cancer in the kidney and having treatment, was touched by the Lord!

(17 April 2022)


A lady with left ear deafness and was prayed for. We tested her hearing by whispering from afar twice - she heard every word. Praise the Lord!

(17 April 2022)


A younger lady had vision problems. After prayer she took out her daily bread to read and said she can read better. She gave thanks to God for her healing.

(17 April 2022)

head and neck

After service, one was healed of headache and fell under power of the Holy Spirit.

Praise and glory to God!

(2 January 2022)


A lady who had knee, ankle and wrist/hand pain was healed!
(17 April 2022)

God healed a lady of trigger finger.
(17 April 2022)


A migrant worker brother who had pain in his teeth was prayed for. After prayer, he said that the pain had left.

(6 May 2022)

Back/ Chest

After service, one was healed of shooting back pain. Praise and glory to God! 

(2 January 2022)

Internal organs

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I was scheduled to go for a pre-operative chest x-ray for a minor surgery. I have always been fit and healthy with no major health problems and wasn't expecting any issues. However, an unexpected phone call from SGH completely turned my life topsy-turvy. The doctor disclosed that the x-ray images showed abnormalities - a mass on the lower lobe of my right lung was discovered incidentally. Further evaluation confirmed the mass of 1.4cm in size is malignant & the diagnosis was stage one lung cancer.


I was too shocked and could not believe my ears. However, God revealed that it’s a blessing in disguise. It was to my benefit that my lung cancer was discovered at an early stage. If the cancer was discovered at a more advanced stage, the condition would have been more serious and complex to deal with. God is good all the time. His mercies endure forever. 


It was a very difficult and emotional time for my family and me. I was mentally and emotionally drained. If not for my faith in Jesus Christ, I believe that I would not be able to walk through the storm with such calmness and peace. God's presence was strong throughout. By God’s grace, my lung surgery was successful. 


The next crucial phase was the surgical histopathology report. I was very worried about the surgical histopathology results and sought the Lord to grant me a good prognosis. When I was praying about it on the day of my medical appointment, the word “Palm Sunday” suddenly flashed across my mind, followed by the image of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. I was surprised to receive that divine revelation! It was an amazing experience. Thanks be to God for his goodness and blessings, my surgical histopathology report was indeed good. All three lymph nodes are negative for malignancy. Hallelujah! All glory and praise to our Lord Almighty.

- a Cairnhill church member (7 June 2022)



Photo courtesy of Matthew Visuvasan


Matthew Visuvasan, 66, was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a debilitating eye condition, in 2012. Matthew, who worked as a teacher’s aide at Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), realised then it was hereditary as his late father had suffered from blindness. Matthew’s vision issues slowly...