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Cairnhill Methodist Church is a young, vibrant, Bible-believing, Spirit-led church. We are part of the Methodist Church in Singapore that has more than 40 local congregations across the country. Cairnhill is located within Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) and works closely with the school to minister to the students and their families.

Mission Statement

Living as a light to the nations

Isaiah 49:6a


Our spiritual DNA


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Our spiritual DNA


Our spiritual DNA


L.I.F.E @ Cairnhill

God loves. Come hide under His wings.
God gives. Come receive His power & grace.
God is Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Come experience family.
God is Good News. Come hear and be amazed.

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We believe in sharing the love that we receive from the Father with those around us. We have a network of ministries that strive to spread this love, both in tangible and spiritual ways. Freely we receive, freely we give!


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As a body of Christ, we believe that a major part of what we receive from the Lord and each other can and should be shared, through impartation. Impartation can occur in various ways, and here at Cairnhill, we use prayer and teaching as our foundation in impartation.



A family that plays together stays together! One of the best things about being a part of a family is spending time together! There are various ways that the Cairnhill family does this, and in all things, we extend the invitation to our community to join us. 


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We believe in the great commission. We believe that the message of salvation is at the core of everything we do, and with this we mobilize ourselves to do all we can to get the word out there! Both locally and internationally.


Let's live l.i.f.e. together!

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