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Pastors & staff

Our church staff team is a community of everyday people brought together and transformed by God’s love.  Coming from various walks of life, their work is an expression of the gifts and talents that God has first placed within them. 


From administrative, creative to managerial and technical backgrounds, each Jesus-loving member is passionately committed to fostering a family environment of love and fellowship. 

They each believe a church is a place where they can be whom God has created them to be; serving His vision and living life fully together as He moves through His church in power and grace.  They are the ones, with our faithful group of volunteers, who help build the church and make every service amazing for all who come and attend. It’s just like coming home.


Rev Dr William Sam


loves outdoor sports and adventure like dirtbike riding, hiking and cycling. A fan of the All Blacks.


Rev Ling Kin Yew


loves to worship God, watch K-dramas with his wife and have fun with family.


Mrs Nancy Soh

Loves working with children, journalling, food, and watching TV.


Mrs Shirley Yeo

Loves going green, gardening, and travelling.


Mr Peter Wee

Loves playing golf, singing worship songs and watching sports.


Pr Melody LeonG

Loves plants and animals, and singing karaoke with friends. Passionate about spiritual formation.

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Pr Neo Lai Kein

loves trying out new recipes, and walking in the park. Also picking up brush calligraphy and ukulele.


Mrs Fion Tiah

Loves meeting up with friends, a cup of Kopi C kosong, and sleeping.

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Mr chris liu

Loves playing basketball, watching movies and reading philosophical books.


Ms Lee Pei Yee

Christian School Ministry Staff (ACSJ)

Loves riding her Vespa, spending time with her family, and loves God!

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Ms Gladys Ong

Christian School Ministry Staff (ACSJ)

Loves cross stitch and playing badminton.

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