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“Amicable Alison” was how our trainer introduced herself to us. She was exuberating with confidence and warmth. Interestingly, that was the first lesson she had for us – First impressions are Lasting Impressions.

"Welcoming people as if they are Christ, helps us see Christ in everyone who comes through the door."

Is there really more to the Hospitality Ministry than what we see every Sunday? Any regular worshipper may wonder. Some of the participants may be able to give you a clue. Here is what they have to say:

“Hospitality training was so much fun! The games we played together were not only fun, but also gave me an insight of what God expects us to do in hospitality team.

— Tomoko Koga

“Excellent speaker and interactive session. It helps to dig deep into our current church ushers’ struggles, as well as magnify each individual’s strengths while contributing to God’s kingdom. Other than focusing on solving problems, there is a need to fully utilise the church’s resources. Ultimately, it bounces back to the teamwork the ushers need to exhibit so that it can be felt by the congregation naturally.

— Jumh

“I enjoyed the Ushers’ training by Alison. Our session was very interactive; through discussions and role plays, we learned more about developing an ideal Hospitality Ministry. At the same time, our exchange of ideas and laughter through learning brought our team closer together.

— Rosie

“I found the Hospitality Training not only beneficial in terms of learning the do’s and don’ts of greeting and ushering, but also a lot of fun! Having us stand up, move around, raise our hands, draw, work in pairs or groups all created a lively and memorable time, thanks to an excellent trainer and enthusiastic group of participants

— Jo-Ann See

Other than the generous amount of tips, she also allowed space for interaction with each other and some hands-on practice. Time was going by so fast, it was clear that everyone was enjoying themselves. Many were encouraged and looked forward to serving the next day (Sunday) after receiving a fresh perspective of serving God and His people!

"Very Truly I Tell You, Whoever Accepts Anyone I Send Accepts Me; And Whoever Accepts Me Accepts The One Who Sent Me." John 13:20


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