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The September school break was an opportune time for the children to learn more about worship and go into deeper worship to God. It was a fun day filled with activities!

What may sound like a strange name for a worship camp, "Undignified" is a platform to encourage children to express their worship to God unashamedly. Just as David danced before the Lord without a care in the world, we are free to worship him however we want to.

No dance or musical background was required but only a heart to worship God.

God deserves worship because He gave us life. We were created to offer our whole being to worship God. Worship dance isn't a performance for human entertainment. Not only does dance edify and bring comfort to others, it is also an expression of joy, victory of our salvation, interpreting scriptures and being witnesses of God's goodness to people. We had the privilege of having Nigel Goh from Anesti Ministries and Audrey Lee to teach these fundamental truths about worship!

Here are some photos of enthusiastic worshippers:


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