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On Saturday, 1st August, about 50 of us attended a workshop conducted by Ronnie Yeo and officiated by Pastor William. We learnt how we, with God’s grace and partnering with the Holy Spirit, are to follow Jesus as L.I.F.E. Ambassadors, bringing Love, Impartation, Fellowship and Evangelism to the nations. We are to align with Jesus’ own ministry of Preaching, Healing and Deliverance - His PHD Ministry- and do what He did, obeying what the Father showed Him.

The basis of Missions for the practising Christian is clearly laid out in numerous verses from the Bible, including Matthew 28:16-20 and Mark 16:15-20. Ronnie taught us to repeat the following verses, personalising them (instead of “me”, insert our own names) and to keep them alive in our hearts:

The workshop incorporated 3 basic modules: Faith & Practising Faith, Deliverance, and Impartation. Worship was led by “Ben & Sons”.

The morning session focused on the important foundation of faith, underscored by many Bible passages, Ronnie’s own experience and testimonies by some participants. Ronnie then taught on the tenets of Deliverance Ministry, including how people get demonised, symptoms, prayer and proclamations for continuing victory. The last module was on impartation which included Ronnie’s testimonies and amazing stories witnessed in his own spiritual journey.

The day ended with a glorious practical impartation session, with the Pastors and Ronnie praying for each of the participants. Each received a copy of the Missions Handbook and Jo-Ann took the team through key sections and highlighted practical tips and guidelines relating to missions trips. We also received a useful memento to “fan the Missions flame”.

Missions Sunday Service | 2 August 2015

On Sunday, 2nd August, Pastor William gave an inspiriting message on "Healing to the Nations". As much as Jesus has saved us, He has also SENT us to carry out the will of the Father. And we are assured that we are not alone in this, for God is with us (Acts 10:38) and has also given us the Holy Spirit who will empower us to GO, DO and BE a blessing to the nations. (John 20:21-22). Pastor William closed with a song (that matched our Missions Weekend's theme), "Healing to the Nations" by Bob Fitts.

Over in the Children's Ministry, our young soldiers were taught by Ben and Gen about how God can use them in missions through a fun participative Cairnhill Missions SEA Games programme. They became more aware of countries within a travel duration of 5 hours and below in Asia, the GDP, poverty line, number of Christians and culture of each country. I think we covered almost 15 countries! At the end of the programme, children who were touched by the Holy Spirit to take this bold step of faith in missions came up for prayers by Loo Fern.

God certainly moved the hearts of the young and old to respond to His mandate!


Since the Missions Weekend, some of the participants including first-timers and children have gone out to the field. Hallelujah! Stay tuned for their testimonies :)


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