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We rejoice with the current batch of Alpha/BMC graduates as they continue their spiritual journey together in a new LIFE group. Having gone through 12 sessions and sharing about life with each other, they have grown closer to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Below are the testimonies of these transformed lives!

"Alpha Course is definitely a MUST go course for new believers who do not know much about God. After 12 weeks of lessons, my faith increased tremendously. I started going to Alpha with the mindset of "Does God really exist?" It ended with the Holy Spirit within me and an amazing relationship with God." -Sheryl Li

"My encounter with the Holy Spirit was subtle - it happened during Alpha Weekend when Pastor was praying for me. I experience an overwhelming peace within me that resonated through my body. I sense an urge to do something good, help someone in need and get rid of something bad. I know this is the Holy Spirit's inspiration. I couldn't stop smiling because I couldn't contain the joy inside me." - Dr Lim Chin Hong

"Alpha has helped in my journey and relationship with our Lord, in so many ways. Especially Session 7 - How does God guide us?, session 9 - Does God heal today? and Holy Spirit weekend. Looking back and reflecting, HE has always been there for me, looking out and sprinkling little miracles along the way which I did not realize then... ( at that time , I was busy chasing a career / travels / friends and family ) one of many examples; I always had friends / getting in touch with me just at the right time and at the right places when I needed it. Things that didn't work out, was actually for the better ... looking at it now. It is ALL HIS work and HIS unconditional love. Alpha had helped me to opened up emotionally and more importantly a relationship with GOD that I have always wanted but didn't know how to. Everything just fell into place. I feel a sense of belonging and wanting to know and serve our good LORD more. One of the most significant encounter with the LORD was during Holy Spirit Alpha weekend. When I was prayed for, there was an amazing feeling - a really warm fuzzy kind of love and feeling that I encountered. It felt like a BiG Hug from God and I knew that everything will be just fine. What came to me (my mind) immediately after was this neon sign that says : Trust in the Lord. Proverbs 3:5 ' Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding'." - Dulcie Ng

Our Cairnhill Discipleship Journey

It is designed in a way whereby at the end of the course, participants would have an understanding of what being a disciple of Jesus means.

The Alpha course is open to anyone who wants to find out more about Christianity and God, or those who seek to strengthen their foundation. It also acts as a training ground for those who have reached a certain maturity to polish their ability in handling the Word.

There are two sessions in BMC (Baptism & Membership Class) that is combined with the last two sessions of Alpha during the Holy Spirit Retreat. Participants come together to be set free from the strongholds and bondages in their lives. There, they can experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit and the healing that God offers.


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