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The Go M.A.D Conference held in ACS(J) was a really inspiring experience for all who attended.

As part of the learning experience, the conference organizers took the child participants in small groups to Orchard Road to experience God in a new way.

Prior to the excursion to Orchard Road, the children were asked to pray and ask God to show them who they were to approach at Orchard Road. They were to ask God to show them colours (of outfits), what the people looked like, to ask God for a word or a verse for the person. The children could draw cards, write notes or just approach the person to bless them with words of kindness given to them by God. The children experienced God in an amazing way as they realized that they could hear Him, receive impressions, see visions and receive accurate words from Him. They found their "treasures" as they were led to specific people to share God's love and His words of kindness. They were excited to see that God speaks to them and to see how much God loves people.

The adult chaperones were very blessed to be part of the process. They were awed to see how accurately the children can hear God and to know that He speaks intimately to them. We were excited to watch the children experience God intimately and we were blessed by their delight in knowing that they can hear God.

It was an inspiring two days for everyone. God delights in His children! It is an honor and privilege to be part of this ministry work with children. We look forward to the greater depth in intimacy that the Lord will bring the children to in 2017!


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