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The Cairnhill volunteers spent long hours planning and preparing for the Easter event. We were expecting good response to our invitation, to members and friends, to join us at our Easter Celebrations and we were blessed with more than 500 members and friends at our Easter Celebration Service.

As early as 8.30am, we saw guests were gradually filling up the foyer. What better way to start your Easter Sunday with a hearty breakfast spread prepared by the Alpha team!

The Loh family led in a lively worship celebration and inspired families to gather and pray for each other. Pastor William joined Amy to share the reason why Easter is worth celebrating. We also had sister Ming Ying share her life-changing journey with us. Despite her challenges, she remained grateful to God as He had come through for her every time. Her testimony highlighted the goodness God has given to her and for all of us to receive.

Seek & You Shall Find was the theme for this year's Easter Celebration taken from Jeremiah 29:13. It was with a purpose - to show that our search will be over and that we can finally find peace in a God who's alive. Before this event, Cairnhill had its members wait upon God and hear what he has to say for our invited guests. These words were then written down as personal notes of encouragement. Prayer intercessors gathered to seek God on where to place each note in the hall. True enough, many had notes that befitted their situation. God knows each of our heart's desires!


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