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This October, Cairnhill celebrated her 19th birthday by remembering how good God has been to us. Our church's pastors, Pastor William and Pastor Ming, took us down the memory lane with a conversational sermon in the form on a skit.

On 4 October 1998, Cairnhill was constituted as the 17th church in TRAC. Dr Denis, one of the pioneers received Isaiah 49:6 “Being a light to the nations” as our missions verse. Over the years, the Lord has led us to develop Cairnhill’s spiritual DNA; we are committed to using our resources to grow families, generate missions, and bring God’s healing to people.

We live to share the good news both in Singapore and abroad. Cairnhill is located within Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) and we have been partnering closely with the school to minister to students and their families through daily interactions, and on special days including Easter and Children’s Day celebrations. These are just one of the many examples of platforms for us to reach out.

We thank God for His pillars of cloud and fire, for providing many resources for Cairnhill to help families and individuals who have come to our doors to experience God's love and healing. Throwback to the fun times when each worshipper laid out chairs for Sunday service and stacked them back after!

God has led us through many challenging and sometimes difficult lessons, but we see His hand of grace upon all our lives. Till this day, God continues to do miraculous works in us and around us so that He may be glorified.


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