Witness & Evangelism


Community Outreach

Our objective is to share God's love and to sow the seeds for an encounter with God through personal evangelism and outreach events like Good Friday, Easter and Christmas. We partner and support other outreach community projects to reach out to the poor and homeless. In our outreach programmes we connect with pre-believers and unreached people engaging them on their own ground and environment to understand their needs and concerns and share God's love and His plan for salvation.


School Ministry

We partner Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) through the Parent Support Group, parent volunteers, teachers and staff to spread God's love and help build a strong Christian foundation for the students through special focus programmes like the Discover Jesus week.


Alpha Course

We conduct Alpha Courses where through a series of interactive sessions, participants explore and discuss subjects like the Christian faith in an informal, fun and friendly environment.

Alpha is for anyone and people attend from all backgrounds and viewpoints. They come to explore and discuss the existence of God, the purpose of life, the afterlife, the life of Jesus and more. Some people really want to get beyond religion and find a relationship with God that really changes life. Others come for the close, long-lasting friendships that are build during the Alpha course. 

Many attendees are new to the Christian faith while others may have been in church but feel they have never really understood the basics of the Christian faith. 

Join us at our next Alpha Course where participants will meet every Saturday for fourteen weeks.