Hate What Is Evil

By Mr Jacob Cogman

A Romans 12 Christian hates evil, all kinds of ungodliness and does not tolerate wickedness. Not just merely to avoid evil, but to abhor it from a deep moral transformation. Seeking to purse holiness and righteousness as a lifestyle that is acceptable to God.

1. What are some of the evils that commonly exist in today's society? What are some of the good that we see?

2. What are the usual reactions and attitudes towards evil and good? Is it possible for an act to be both evil and good? Give some examples on instances when it is hard to tell what is evil and what is good.

Love Without Hypocrisy

By Rev Dr Gordon Wong

A Romans 12 Christian seeks to love genuinely without conditions attached or hidden agendas, as the core principle of Christian living. It is a love that does not seek personal gain, but to offer honor, recognition, appreciation, value and understanding; that is being done out of esteem, awe, admiration and wonder towards the receiver. It should not just be mere words, but done through actions that are unpretentious. Being real.

1. What is society’s typical view of love and how is love usually seen to be expressed?  Who do you usually express love to and how do you show this love?

2. If there is someone you dislike or someone who brings out the worst in you, are you willing to heed Paul’s call and put sincere love into action? 
If so, what can you do?

Worshipping God Through Humble Service

By Dr Naomi Dowdy

A Romans 12 Christian seeks to serve God through each of their gifts and task assigned as given by God’s grace. Through faith, they serve using these gifts in humbleness to glorify God, and not to serve in pursuit of their own glory nor to compare their works with another. For no one is to think of himself more highly or lowly than another, as each is gifted through grace so that none may boast.

1.     In what capacity am I serving God now?

2.     List down at least 3 ways I can use my talents and gifts for God.