God's Bold Witnesses

By Rev William Sam

After teaching and preaching to the people, John and Peter were put in jail and then hauled up before the Sanhedrin and interrogated.  Filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter and John responded courageously and powerfully, so much so that even their accusers were amazed by such “unschooled, ordinary men….. and they took note that these men had been with Jesus”.  Following from this, and despite warnings from the authorities to cease to speak about Jesus, the believers instead prayed for more boldness to speak.

  1. Think of believers you know/know of who share regularly about Christ. What do you think drives them?

  2. Have you shared God’s word with anyone recently? If you have, what was your experience and what do you think will help you speak with even greater boldness?

Creating Space for God

By Mr Quentin Lee

Like a garden, the condition of our hearts will affect whether His Word takes root in our lives. And just as time, effort, and commitment are required to cultivate a healthy crop, so too are these required to cultivate a heart that will be sensitive and receptive to God’s Word, producing a life which will bear much fruit.

  1. Give examples of lives that the 4 types of ground represent.

  2. Which ground best represents you now?