Cairnhill's 20th Anniversary

7 October 2018


The candlelights flickering away on the altar are more than just decor pieces; they signify the reason behind Cairnhill Methodist Church’s existence. It was a special day. Cairnhill was celebrating 20 years of being a light to the nations.

Our guest speaker, Bishop Chong Chin Chung drew us back to the reason behind our mission on ‘being a light to the nations’. Greater than the most exciting of sensations out there, greater than all the treasures the world offers, is knowing Jesus - the one true God.

Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. - John 17:3

Our hope for Cairnhill is that this family will continue to shine as light for Jesus so that others would come to know this wonderful God.

The greatest thing in all my life, is knowing you.

- Music & Lyrics by Mark Pendergrass

Missions Month 2018

August 2018

The month of August is set aside annually to highlight one of Cairnhill’s DNA – Missions.

This year, the reason and purpose of Missions were highlighted at the weekly pulpit ministry by our Pastor-in-Charge Rev William Sam, Dr Goh Wei Leong, Dr Tan Lai Yong, and Dr Robbie Goh. The sermons by the various preachers struck a chord in the hearts of church members, encouraging them to begin by reaching out to the people around them. One member even commented that this was the best missions month in years!

In addition to the pulpit, two Missions Workshops were conducted on 19 & 26 Aug 2018. Mr Ronnie Yeo shared in the first workshop on “Moving in His power in Missions”. Showing examples of people who have received healing, Mr Yeo reminded participants of people who are still searching for that touch from God – especially one that heals. The second workshop, “Overseas Children & Youth Missions”, was anchored by one of our Lifegroup – Bishan Lifegroup led by Mr Eugene Lim. Showing how even children can be involved in missions, Bishan Lifegroup’s experience served as an encouragement and reminder that we do not need to have special gifts or talents to be involved in missions. All we need is a heart of faith to step out of our comfort zone and obey God’s call.

The purpose of these workshops was not only to showcase the various mission trips church members have gone for, the ways in which we can all serve, but also the ways in which God had worked, as well as the hunger people around the world have for the Gospel.

About 40 people attended each workshop, held after the worship service at PAH. This was followed by a time of lunch and fellowship at the canteen where participants were able to interact with the speakers. Door Gifts (mini bike lights) were given to remind people of Cairnhill’s call “to be a light to the Nations.”