Encounter Conference 2019

1-3 June 2019


We were grateful to have Pastor Marios speak at our Encounter Conference over the course of three days. We were also privileged to have Wendy Wong of Welenia Studios help put Pastor Marios’ teachings into visually stunning visual notes!

As we went through the Word together, Pastor Marios challenged us to be flexible in how we listen to God as He can speak to us in any way. God is not to be placed in a box and be restricted by our own religious mindset. There is more to life and we cannot simply do the minimum; we must go above and beyond wherever we go. Topics like governance, our identity in Christ, and honor were some of the key elements in Pastor Marios’ messages.

Drawing principles from the life of King Solomon (1 Kings 10), Pastor Marios shared with us insights on how the heavenly realm works; these perspectives can be applied in governance, leadership and more.

Another key topic of the conference involves discovering our identity in Christ. We have been given the resources to govern our lives through the knowledge, revelation and wisdom that God has imparted to us. It is important to build up our character in purity and excellence so that we can protect our soul from corruption. Once we are assured of our identity (that has been revealed to us by God), we will not waver even in the darkest storms.

Lastly, he touched on the principle of honor, and its application in our lives. Honor leads us to encounter Him daily, and should be sealed with gratitude and humility. Gratitude brings heaven into the equation aas we give thanks and glorify God. When we understand God’s love and disciplinary action, we will learn to hold to the right values or virtues and submit to authority. If we choose to abandon the ways of the world and operate by the ways of heaven, God will be on our side. In our daily lives, we must remember that God mandates every position directly or indirectly. Hence, we ought to respect the leaders assigned over us, even if we think they are bad. To put it simply, submitting to God’s sovereignty regarding the appointment of leaders is important and by honoring this, we are honoring God.

In sum, Pastor Marios challenged us to ponder whether we have exercised honor by expressing forgiveness, especially towards our family members and leaders. But above all, we need to examine ourselves and ask what would we rather have, the world with us but God against us, or, the world against us but God with us?

Overall, through Pastor Marios’ enlightening messages and prayers, many of us received a touch from God. Let us then be inspired to change culture and find rest in God!