Holy Spirit Weekend Retreat I 2018

27-28 April 2018

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The bi-annual Holy Spirit Weekend was once again an unforgettable event that left participants on fire and hungry for God.

Let's hear from some of our excited participants:

"Few weeks ago, Pastor William preached about why people leave the church. One of the reasons that resonated with Anna and I: not being able to get connected and not being in a life group. We were in that situation before we arrived at CMC. Alpha is one of the greatest platform to help new Christians and new members to be incorporated into a nurturing environment to experience God’s love in CMC. We could see God’s manifestation through the people, prayers and Alpha content itself, and the open sharing from brothers and sisters. We shared a lot of laughter and tears together. This is not easy to come by and is not something man-made - the messages from Pastor, the care and support from Nancy, Edmund, Lucy, Deborah, the two Bens, and the prophetic paintings and words through Audrey. We treasure and value that. We look forward being part of God’s family and having you all in our lives." - Philip
I wanna share something that happened when pastor was praying for both Ee Chong and myself. We were closing our eyes. Pastor was laughing and telling us he saw a vision of us on a horse going out seeking. Then Ben and Audrey started singing 恩典之路; how timely! Deborah was behind me and Edmund behind Ee Chong. Deborah lightly touching me on my back and Edmund was stretching out his hands over Ee Chong (Hands not touching). I felt we had a very close circle. My hubby hugging me on my left and pastor on my right. As the prayer went forth I felt the warm feeling over me again. By now I was used to this feeling. But when I open my eyes I was shocked. The reason was pastor’s arms were stretched out but I clearly felt someone other than my hubby holding on to me tightly and closely on my right. And Ee Chong felt someone touching his back. We now know that it must be God in our midst being in our fellowship.
— Vivienne

"It is very touching to see that how the glory of God has brought us all much closer as sisters and brothers of christ from mere strangers. I have been to several churches before and have not felt as connected or as touched by the sincerity of our brothers and sisters. Cairnhill methodist church is truly led by God to allow us as children of Christ to experience life and to be one family under the stewardship of the lord regardless of background or race." - Eddie

What an enriching and moving experience for us as a couple who are embarking on this Christian journey together. We are so blessed to be doing Alpha with you. Really thankful to Pastor William, Nancy, Lucy and leaders - Edmund, Ben Choong and Deborah. For the prayers, sharing, and guidance thus far. And to Ben Choo and Andrea for the special prayer and worship; and Audrey for the amazing drawing, message and prayers. We are in awe and look forward to drawing closer to our Lord!
— Thomas and Lena