Good Friday & Easter Sunday 2018

30 March, 1 April 2018

On Good Friday, we remembered Jesus' seven last words as He was dying on the cross. Jesus’ last words on the cross demonstrated His love, grace and mercy. These seven last words came directly from His heart.

We concluded the Holy Week with our Easter service where God gave us four pictures that were painted by five prophetic artists. We have included their interpretations below:

Painting of stony heart turning into flesh: God will take away our stony heart and replace it with a heart of flesh. He will take away pain, disappointment, betrayal and unforgiveness and replace them with joy, forgiveness and lightheartedness. This is done only by His blood, love and forgiveness.

Painting of red sky, rising sun: It s a new beginning and new hope. God is calling His children to come back. Jesus came and is risen and this is good news. It is for all who believe.

Painting of dove and tree: The huge tree represents Cairnhill Methodist Church. We have to climb up the tree where the Holy Spirit is descending to seek God. Butterflies represent transformation of lives. Red sky represents the nearing of the end of day. Even if we don’t see fruits near the end, God is telling us to press on.

Painting of sun and birds: We are ready to fly!

Since Adam’s and Eve’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden, mankind was separated from God. That turning from God resulted in bondage and suffering and the lost of Shalom peace. The reason that the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work (1 John 3:8b); that seeks to blind us from God’s love and forgiveness for us. The cross is a daily reminder of forgiveness, of hope, and of peace. In the risen Christ, we find new hope and new beginning.