BlazeInC Camp 2018

13-16 December 2018

it’s been 2 weeks since Youth Camp 2018 and we have some thanksgivings to share.


1. We witnessed God’s miracle of holding the December rains for 3 days straight for our games and outing to go on. It only started raining on Saturday night! It really encouraged us and increased our faith in God.

2. As part of our Amazing Race, we partnered with Mervyln, Chairperson of Outreach and Social Concerns, to give out ~30 care packs to cleaners and security guards. They were also tasked to pray for someone on the streets. It was delightful to see the youths asking for more time to write heartfelt words on the cards.

3. We had Ps William, Ps Allan and Kathleen Hee during our “Ask Me Anything” Session on our 2nd Morning. Treye, our Youth Coordinator was the moderator. There were numerous questions that the youths asked. They were hungry for answers to life’s biggest questions! We are thankful for the time taken to impart pearls of wisdom and Godly values into the lives of the youths.

4. We had actually planned for the youths to piece together our theme verse in one of the Night Games stations. 

“You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.” - Matthew 5:14 

What’s amazing was that God had also given aunty Kat this verse which she shared hours before. Even more surprising, the next day on the Bible App, the verse of the day was… Matthew 5:14! 

5. During the Holy Spirit Night, the youths encountered God as well. Some saw visions, some received prophecies and others had prayers answered. God is a good Father. We hope that the youths were encouraged and experienced something life-changing.

6. During the games, the youths displayed integrity. They chose to abide by the rules to fully enjoy the games instead of earning more points through unscrupulous ways. Most definitely, they will be successful in every aspect of their lives because they choose to honour and practice integrity in whatever they do. Pray that they will not depart from these Christ-like values.

The Pastors and Camp Comm have worked very hard (some while serving NS and studying for major exams) to prepare for the camp. It was rewarding to see the youths enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

In closing, without prayer, all these planning would have been useless. We are more interested in God’s direction for BlazeInC than in the activities.

It was truly an amazing 4 days.