Mandarin Worship Service

Encounter God in the local language of Chinese that you and your family are most comfortable with in our Mandarin worship service.  Started as fellowship in 2010, the Mandarin worship service was later cemented in 2011 to cater to the local community and has since grown from strength to strength.   Discover and celebrate God’s faithfulness and presence in each service, and find yourselves inspired, encouraged and changed.   Forge new friendships and learn how you can become that beacon of light to those who are lost, and be that vessel to bring them home.


Service Time:

930am Sunday | Level 1, Music, Speech & Drama Room


以您和家人最熟悉的母语,在我们的华语崇拜中经历神。2010年特别为本地华人群体成立的中文团契,蒙神赐恩眷顾茁壮成长为2011年开始的华语崇拜。让我们在每周崇拜聚会中欢庆神的同在和祂的信实, 生命得着启发、鼓励与改变。一同来认识新朋友,学习如何为神发光,带领非信徒家人和朋友重回神的怀抱。



每个星期日早上9点30分| 2楼,Music, Speech & Drama 房