Quiet Time With Jesus – Show me; Teach me; Guide me

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 

God will often tell His people to do mundane things. Maybe it is only me but I ENJOY doing mundane things. For example, helping out at a church event (carrying chairs, serving food) makes me very happy. I was told, “At times, you do things with the love of Christ such as forgiving someone who has wronged you, and when you do things God’s way, you always exalt Christ.” How comforting. If this is what you need to hear now, be encouraged. No matter what you have done or what you have said, and even though you were not Spirit-led, God knows your heart. Do not despair; Move on in His mercy and grace… 

This is a beautiful song: Into the Deep (Citipointe Live)

When my hands stretch out towards the sky

You never let me run dry

When I dive into the depths of You

My heart is made anew

Jesus, in You


Your love is a flood

And I’m caught in the current

Of Your living waters

It’s Your love, it’s Your love


Your presence is a flood

And I’m caught in the wonder

You have taken me over

You have won my heart, yeah

(You have won my heart)

Music has an impact on me. I guess music has an impact on everybody. Let us listen to the right music. The lyrics also have an impact on me. Sometimes, I am ‘speaking to God’ and sometimes ‘He is speaking to me’ through the words sung in a beautiful melody. God is so so good. He is so so real when we immerse ourselves in worship and prayer.

O Holy Spirit, we welcome You. We invite You to walk before us, beside us and behind us. With You, nothing is impossible. We want to soak in Your goodness and grace. We want to embrace Your ways. 

Show us Your ways, LORD,
teach us Your paths.  
Guide us in Your truth and teach us,
for You are God our Saviour,
and our hope is in You all day long.
— Psalm 25:4-5


Lam Yee Ling