Walk Through The Bible - Kings/ Ruth

If you've missed out on the answers to our Kings/ Ruth quiz, find them out here!




  1. Where was Ruth from?

  2. What is not one of the lessons we can learn from the book of Ruth?
    a) God is at work at the ordinary, mundane details of our lives
    b) The importance of loyalty and generosity
    c) Uncovering people’s feet will get them to help us
    d) God’s purposes and will interplays human decision and will.

  3. Who built the temple for the LORD?

  4. Why did Israel divide into two kingdoms?
    a) Rehoboam refused to lighten the tax burden of the people
    b) Rehoboam mounted an assault on the tribes who rebelled
    c) Jehoboam was better qualified
    d) Jehoboam built the golden calves

  5. In 1 & 2 Kings, which of the following is not a criterion for evaluating the kings of Judah and Israel?
    a) Worship God of Israel alone
    b) Rid Israel of idolatry
    c) Faithful to covenant
    d) Kingdom expansion