Walk Through The Bible - Joshua/ Judges

If you've missed out on the answers to our Joshua/ Judges quiz, find them out here!




  1. Who hid the two spies sent by Joshua to scout the land?
    a. Rachel 
    b. Rahab
    c. Rebekah 
    d. Rina

  2. Which of the following is not why God commanded Israel to go to war with the Canaanites?
    a. Canaanites were morally corrupt; He didn’t want the Canaanites to influence Israel
    b. So that Israel can demonstrate their strength
    c. So that we may see how God brings justice on human evil in a unique moment in history

  3. Which of the following best describe the way Judges is structured?
    a. Stories of different people called to judge the land
    b. Cycles of Sin-Oppression-Repentance-Deliverance-Peace
    c. Judges that performed greater acts one after another

  4. Which of the following is not a lesson we can learn from Judges?
    a. When we forget God, might makes right.
    b. God can use the morally corrupt because He is committed to saving His people.
    c. The failure of the judges to turn Israel back to God suggests we shouldn’t judge others at all.
    d. Judges demonstrate the state of human condition without God.