Quiet Time With Jesus – Be useful to the King of kings

Friday, 3 August 2018

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by God’s goodness that I want to share ‘everything’ and I talk non-stop. Sometimes when I hear a new idea I want to share mine too. Sometimes I hear something that is not in line with my thinking, I want to object/disagree/correct…

Recently, I volunteered to read the scripture that our pastor was going to preach on. When I heard that it’s 1 Kings 19:1-18, I was not sure if I could do it because I have been coughing uncontrollably unexpectedly but, thanks be to God, the words flowed out of my mouth like a river and the sweetness of the Lord’s presence was overwhelming. 

I have never had a husky voice for such a long period of time (more than a month now). I wonder whether my voice has changed permanently. I can’t sing… I can’t talk for long… What is happening? “Okay,” I told myself, “Let me use this ‘disability’ to start guarding my lips.”

We (pre-school teachers) often tell our little students, “Don’t speak if you have nothing good to say.” Little children are so honest that they just speak without thinking. Words can heal. Words can also hurt. Even little children quarrel about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions and constant friction… O, how important it is for teachers, caregivers, parents and grandparents to impart good values to the little ones. The moment their little minds are contaminated with the wrong teaching, it is sometimes not easy to change their mindset. I am an example. Some childhood experiences and advices from adults are so deeply rooted in my mind that I tend to depend on them for decision-making. Thanks be to God for the influence and impact of the Word of God and the teaching of godly men and women. I’m still ‘changing my mind’ so that I can think like Christ and move in the Spirit. It is my heart’s desire to bear the fruit of the Spirit in my speech and behaviour so that people around me can see Christ in me. It’s all about Him and not about us. We are called to be ambassadors of Christ commissioned to go and make disciples. Let us influence, inspire and impart Christian values to everyone around us (young and old).

Paul tells Timothy to guard what has been entrusted to his care. Timothy was a ‘shepherd’ (pastoring a church) taking care of a ‘flock of sheep’ (a group of believers). Paul tells Timothy to turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is FALSELY CALLED KNOWLEDGE. 

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

I have noticed that we tend to hunger for ‘new’ knowledge. We are drawn to ‘new’ revelations of Your Word. Father, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour that all believers of Christ are alert and able to discern the truth and not be led astray. The enemy is so crafty that false teaching often sounds like the truth. Please help us to abide in You continually so that we may know You and Your heartbeat. Please help us to align all our new ideas to Yours which is the perfect idea. Please help us to arise and speak the truth in love and with the power of the Holy Spirit. Please help us to abound in Christ, demonstrating His righteousness and grace.

O God, please use us as channels of Your peace, joy and love. 


Lam Yee Ling