Past events - Camp Increase 2018

3-6 June 2018

@ Malacca

Ps Marios - speaker for adults sessions
Ps Jeffrey - Interpreter for adults sessions
Matthew, and Liam - Facilitators for youth sessions
Amy & Family from OneKids Ministry - Speaker for sparks sessions
Nigel & Dora from Anesti Ministries - Speaker for G&G sessions


Cairnhill has transitioned into a season of increase.

There was something different about this year’s camp compared to last year. For one, we had a record-breaking number of campers who signed up - close to 200! Also, a unofficial satay-eating competition was going on. Rumour has it that one of the youths gobbled up 69 sticks of satay! An obvious increase in our numbers and appetites.

However, satay wasn't the only thing that whetted our appetites. Campers came with teachable and expectant hearts. Such hunger paved the way for God to move.

God was working in among our youths as well. We had the opportunity to hear Matthew McDowell and Liam O'Brien in our secret youth meeting; NO PARENTS ALLOWED! 
As much as they were impressed by our inquisitive teens, our youths were also blown away by their answers which came out from a pastoral heart and wisdom from above. 

God has put in everyone the capacity to increase in Kingdom values and the things of God.

In order to increase, we need to have:

  1. Understanding - that the Kingdom of God is in us, and that we have a capacity to increase
  2. Faith - We need to believe that we have a capacity to increase.
  3. Relentless pursuit - It requires perseverance to reach the level to increase.

One of the most emphasized value during the camp was: HONOUR

How is this linked to increase?

Firstly, we need to read the Bible carefully and spot patterns. When we look at the lives of Abraham, Joseph, King David, and King Solomon, we can tell that they overcame trials and made their mark in history by showing honour to opposition. Likewise, our Kingdom assignment on earth is to be redemptive, not destructive. For this to happen, we need to learn how to honour; not just honour those who honour us, but honouring even the most difficult person in our lives. As we increase in our capacity to build redemptive relationships. God then entrusts us with bigger things once we know how to handle the smaller things.

What is honour like from God's perspective?

Honour comes from Yahweh's heart - it is neither driven by greed nor is it self-centered. In fact, it is people-centered. Honour is the facilitator of relationships. Others will be enriched through our lives by the way we honour each other. 

Rain brings increase. What is brought to life, we pray, “More Lord!” – a cry for Increase. Rain brings things that were dying, and things that were almost dead, back? to life. This is not a cry of spiritual greed; rather, it recognizes one key characteristic of God’s Kingdom: It is ever advancing and increasing in nature: "Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end" (Isaiah 9:7, ESV) - Ps William (Pastor-in-charge)

I will send you rain in its season,
and the ground will yield its crops
and the trees their fruit.
— Leviticus 26:4

The increase has begun!