Quiet Time With Jesus – Doubt and Fear

Friday, 2 Aug 2019

What is doubt? [When we are not sure of the outcome.] When and why do we doubt? [When we set a target or deadline for something to happen and it did not happen (the way we expect it).] When it happens in a way that we don’t expect, we either do not recognize it or do not appreciate it.

Who do we doubt? Do we doubt God or man? When we start to doubt, we open the door for fear to enter the mind. A little fear enters… and before we realize it, fear has grown so big that it starts to weaken the spirit, soul and body. Therefore, we must learn to guard against doubt and fear. [How?]

In the 40.day 2019 prayer book: Peter’s transformation was not the result of positive thinking, psychological therapy or intellectual study. Nor was it a gradual upgrade of his personality. Peter was totally and radically transformed from the inside out by the mighty infilling of the Spirit of God on the Day of Pentecost.

Yes, I see the point but I also think that Peter must be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to work on him, in him and through him. Likewise, we must be willing if we want to be totally and radically transformed from the inside out by the Spirit of God. Our personal will must be in line with God’s will - we must be willing.

What we do and say may display that we are Christians but what we want people to see and recognize is: CHRIST IN US. I am reminded that change comes at a cost. It upsets the status quo. I love the status quo – it spells peace. And I love peace. But, status quo can also mean that nothing is happening. Let us be constantly reminded that God has predestined us, not just to become good and peace-loving people, but to be CONFORMED TO HIS IMAGE.

My Prayer (inspired by today’s 40.day 2019 prayer book)

Dear Father God, 

In this time and age, truth telling and right living are sometimes ridiculed. I pray that we (everyone who has chosen to follow Jesus) will be solid as a rock and bold as a lion – that we will preach the Truth fearlessly, live righteously, and lead responsibly – so that the next generation will also be rock solid, standing tall as a BEACON of light, a PILLAR of truth, and a TORCH of justice. Hallelujah!   

In Jesus’ mighty name I pray.




Lam Yee Ling