Quiet Time With Jesus – It’s Not My Job

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Everybody wants freedom. We have a natural tendency to build a life in which faith is unnecessary. In other words, we try to build faith - in ourselves, in our past achievements – the more we have achieved, the stronger the faith we have in ourselves.

We establish a ‘comfort zone’ where everything is in OUR CONTROL. That was me. I spent 23 years building a department that was ship shape. I knew how to do every task in a way that I could just sit down and do the job. I had no worries because I believed in my own capabilities. Every job was covered and nothing was omitted or neglected whenever someone goes on leave. I was confident enough to declare that our team will make zero mistakes even during system conversion. That was my self-confidence. However, my self-confidence died when I had to let go of my micro-managing skills. I began to lose confidence because I didn’t have knowledge or skills in certain functions when new sections were added to our department due to compliance and re-structuring of the bank. I felt lost and helpless, ‘putting out fire’ everyday - solving problem after problem. These areas began to expand. Problems were not solved as new problems arose. My confidence began to shrink until it was zero. I became afraid of changes and computers – things that I CANNOT SEE. I lost confidence because I COULD NOT SEE what’s going on in the computer – what has happened and what has gone wrong…

Is it possible that God was changing me?

Richard Blackaby, Henry Blackaby and Claude King (RBHBCK): We establish a comfort zone where everything is in our control, but THIS IS NOT PLEASING TO GOD (emphasis mine).

I recall one morning when I was working on a lesson plan (for Sunday School) and feeling troubled, a voice spoke, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” I sat up. I looked up. I turned to my Bible in search of the verse (Hebrews 11:6) and read the verses before and after verse 6. That is my habit – always read the verses before and after a verse that speaks to me, and then wait for revelation. That morning, I reminded myself to have faith in God and stop worrying.

RBHBCK: God will allow situations into our lives that drive us to utter dependence upon Him. Then we see His power and His glory. What kind of situation has God allowed into my (your) life that has driven me (you) to utter dependence upon Him?

I can think of two kinds of situations. Changing another person: we can NEVER change another person. Only God can. Healing: only God heals. Even when a person dies (physically), God is the One who heals him / her.

So, what is our part in our partnership with God? Our part is to obey, trust and let go.

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

I dare not say that I have gone through a lot of tests, trials or tribulations but I can recall some of them vividly. The greater the struggle, the longer the suffering and the deeper the pain, the stronger I have become. God was with me through every battle. Father God, I do not want to swing into complacency and do nothing when there are things to be done. Teach me to do what I should do e.g. study Your Word, seek knowledge and understanding, go where You direct me to go and let go of things that may seem urgent or important to everybody.

Let me hear Your voice clearly especially in such situations when everybody says I am the one to do the thing they say I should do. Lord, I do not want to be rebellious or disobedient but I need to hear from You and You alone.

Help me to hear You clearly, the way Paul hears You. I want to walk every step on the path that You have planned for me and not go ‘astray’ – getting super busy and neglecting my own calling. Yes, Father God, WE NEED TO HEAR YOU. Please heal our impatience. Please help us to be still and know YOU ARE GOD. And that we can trust You totally, depend on Your Divine appointments, arrangements and assignments. Hallelujah!

Yes, without faith it is impossible to please You, because anyone who comes to You MUST BELIEVE that You exists – that YOU ARE GOD – and that You reward those who earnestly seek You.


Lam Yee Ling