Quiet Time With Jesus – Divine Calling

Monday, 1 July 2019

Richard Blackaby, Henry Blackaby & Claude King: Sometimes God may speak through one person. Keep in mind, however, that one individual is not the church. Usually, you need to take all the counsel of people for clear direction. What you will find is that a number of things begin to line up. What you are hearing from the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and the church will all point to the same thing. Then you can proceed with confidence.

I can think of two situations when God had led me by divine arrangement. The first one took place in 1999. I was retrenched after 23 years of service in an offshore bank. It was a tough time for me. I was struggling with mixed feelings. I started attending church in September 1999. In 2001, I was baptized and in 2002, I became the Sunday School Superintendent. My mentor was the leader of Children Ministry and she took great care to equip me. The cell group that I joined was pretty much involved in Sunday School. In 2000, I decided to learn about the Montessori method of teaching and upon completion, I secured a job at a Montessori childcare centre that was located within walking distance from church. It was very convenient for me to attend weekly cell group meetings after work. I was ‘surrounded’ by teachers and children! That was God’s divine calling and I responded spontaneously to every door opened for me. Praise the Lord!

Another example is an ongoing outreach target. God planted a seed into my heart and continued to water it from time to time. I moved from River Valley Road to Bukit Merah View in 2008. One day, I had a thought: Surely God has put me here for a purpose... and then one day in December 2018, I walked into a Seniors Social Centre to give something to the elderly. Suddenly, I was led to ask, “Can my friends and I come to do Christmas caroling next year?” The answer was, “Yes! Of course!” One thing led to another and the door was swung open for us (the church) to bless the seniors month after month. Although there were some hiccups, the calling to reach out to this group of elderly folks is apparent. We are still in the process of following God’s leading in this ministry. 

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

Your presence in my life is unmistakable. Your purpose for me has become quite clear as I grow wiser through mistakes, misunderstanding, presumptions, impatience... Thank You God for correcting me and bringing me back on track, from time to time. I know all my brothers and sisters in Christ are going through similar adventures. We give thanks! Help us to catch Your heart’s desires in all ministries and help us to continually carry out Your assignments with confidence and care. Your joy is our strength. Give us vision and wisdom. Fill us with Your love and compassion so that whoever looks at us WILL SEE JESUS. 


 This is our desire to honour You

Lord, with all our heart we worship You

All we have within us, we give You praise

All that we adore is in You


Lord we give you our hearts

We give You our souls

We live for You alone

Every breath that we take

Every moment we're awake

Lord have Your way in us


This is our desire to honour You

Lord, with all our hearts we worship You

All we have within us we give You praise

All that we adore is in You


Lam Yee Ling