Quiet Time With Jesus – One In Christ

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 

On Monday, my attention was drawn to the ‘Eagles Wings Conference Workbook’ lying on my bookshelf. It’s a very thick book! I bought it when I attended Dr MK Strydom’s conference last year. The conference provides us with foundational knowledge of health and disease from both a medical and biblical perspective. I thank God for Dr Strydom’s ministry. I believe in seeking God and learning everything available to us as the Spirit leads. 

I also believe that it should be every Christian’s desire to draw near to God through Christ and the Holy Spirit. ‘Eagles Wings’ in Hebrew means ‘healing’ which is what Dr Strydom and her ministry partners aim to bring in people’s lives. The Foundational Scripture for Eagles Wings is Isaiah 61:1. 

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for He has anointed and qualified me to preach the gospel of Good News to the meek, the poor and the afflicted, to bind up the wounds and heal the broken hearted and to set the spiritual and physical captives free.”

I believe it is God’s will for EVERY Christian to preach the gospel, bind up the wounds, heal the broken hearted and set the captives free. Together, we stand on the WORD of God. Together, we are One-In-Christ.  Not by might nor by power, but by the SPIRIT of God, we can achieve! Hallelujah! Praise the LORD!

My Prayer

Dear Father God

You are the Triune God, the perfect model of UNITY for all Christians. It is Your perfect will that we become One-in-Christ. 

There is nothing we cannot do if we put our whole HEART into it. Consecrate our heart O LORD! There is nothing we cannot accomplish if we are single-minded. We have the MIND of Christ!

Today, I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ: that we stand as One in Christ – perfectly united – to do Your perfect will and to accomplish all Your purposes for us – not by might nor by power but by Your Spirit!

In Jesus’ mighty name I pray! Hallelujah! Amen!

Lam Yee Ling