Quiet Time With Jesus – Wounded

Monday, 4 February 2019

Are you wounded now? Have you been wounded, healed but cannot find peace?

When our plans are shattered… when we feel drained… when we feel disappointed (with others or with ourselves)… there is only one way to go. We must go to the Throne of Grace, striped of all pretence and eloquence. Through God’s grace, a new strength can enter our lives. We can be made strong at the broken places. Praise God!

The Lord is able to make all things new. If we live life His way, He will give us a new start (Romans 4:17b).

When Jesus heard that John the Baptist, His cousin and forerunner had been beheaded, He withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place.

Have you ever felt like escaping from people and go to a quiet place?

Like Jesus, we also have the need to be alone to deal with the hurt, disappointment and grief that life’s bitter blows would undoubtedly cause.

The Bible tells us that the crowd didn’t leave Jesus alone. They followed Him.

How would you react when people impinged on your plans to be alone, at a time of great pain?

The Bible tells us what Jesus did. He had compassion on them and healed their sick (Matthew 14:14). Read on.

Is it possible for us to respond to the needs of others when we ourselves are in desperate need of comfort?

From the devotional ‘Every Day with Jesus’ Nov/Dec 2018 issue on ‘Strong at the Broken Places’ – It is possible. Jesus, WHO WORE OUR FLESH and measured its frailty, PROMISES to be with us always. He KNOWS what it is to be hurt and STANDS AT OUR SIDE ready to provide us with the strength we need to minister to others, even though our own heart may be broken. He gives most when most is taken away. (Unquote, emphasis mine)

My Prayer

Lord Jesus, You who knew what it is to be wounded, help us remember that Your wounds can heal our wounds. Grant also that our wounds will also heal someone else’s wounds. Hear our cries. See our tears. Search our hearts. Heal us thoroughly and completely. Give us strength and use us for Your Glory!


Lam Yee Ling