Quiet Time With Jesus – The Joy Of The LORD

Friday, 11 January 2019

“The things impossible for people are possible for God.
— Luke 18:27

Do you know that God always rejoices when we dare to dream? And when we dare to dream of the impossible, it gives Him great joy.

Nehemiah said that the joy of the LORD is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10). Year after year I have reflected on this verse…

Our Heavenly Father EXULTS in newness. He delights in stretching the old. To be EXULTANT is to be triumphantly happy, delighted, overjoyed and excited. How would you feel if you see your earthly father exultant because of you – e.g. what you said or what you’ve done? Can you imagine your Heavenly Father exultant? I think it’s awesome!

Max Lucado: Eighty-year-old shepherds don’t usually play chicken with Pharaohs… but don’t tell that to Moses. Teenage shepherds don’t normally have showdowns with giants… but don’t tell that to David. Shepherds on night shift don’t usually get to hear angels sing and see God in a manger… but don’t tell that to the Bethlehem bunch. And for sure don’t tell that to God. Unquote.

So, do you dream? What kind of dreams do you dream?

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

You are our Heavenly Father of the impossible. You know all our dreams. I pray that all my brothers and sisters in Christ dare to dream dreams. And when we give our dreams to You, we know for sure that You will turn our dreams from barely visible ideas into a reality beyond our wildest dreams.

In Jesus’ wonderful name I pray.


Max Lucado: Don’t put limits on yourself. Not every dream will come true, and not every dream is from God. BUT when your dreams connect with God’s plans, you’ll find open doors that you never thought you’d see. Hallelujah!

Lam Yee Ling