Quiet Time With Jesus – Hope and Joy

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Yesterday I met up with a few old classmates. I had a wonderful time seeing the joy of my friend as she shared about the painful times of her life. She had longed for a sister (biological) but has none. Instead, God gave her a sister in Christ who is walking closely with her through her difficulties… Due to the lack of oxygen to the brain, her youngest daughter was born with special needs but my friend said that this particular daughter brings her family great joy. Several years ago, she lost her second daughter to cancer but she said friends have seen visions of her daughter with Jesus. And more recently, her first grandchild was diagnosed with a kind of cancer and is undergoing treatment in the States. My friend believes that her grandchild will be okay. On top of these challenges in life, she is currently walking in a prophecy that she will have many children… many orphans. As I reflect on her expressions of hope and joy, I am reminded of the JOY OF THE LORD. It’s truly amazing to see my friend walking in His Joy. Glory to God!

I see the beauty of an outward-looking spirit, a spirit that gives and lives out the life that God has given her. She declares that God has a purpose and she is greatly blessed. I am also blessed to hear her Spirit-filled testimonies… I believe God is using her mightily whenever she shares her stories. She simply radiates with hope and joy. Incidentally, we were among friends of a different faith. I believe God is continually working through us. Thanks be to God!

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

I thank You for Your mighty hand guiding us through all the challenges of life. No matter how difficult circumstances may be, we just need to know You and love You, obey You and share Your amazing grace and goodness. Life without You is meaningless. We want to remember Your Promises and be guided by You step by step into Your Promised Land. Hallelujah! Amen!

Lam Yee Ling