Quiet Time With Jesus – Spiritual Sight

Wednesday, 19 September 2018 

Some people think that spiritual sight means seeing angels and ghosts. I have seen them but the picture is so faint that I always wonder whether it’s just my own imagination. Yesterday, I was brought to a deeper understanding of what spiritual sight means. It means that we can see, not with our physical eyes, but with our spiritual eyes i.e. with our mind. And when we understand something, we often say, “I see.” 

Robert Morris: Spiritual blindness steals our understanding.

As I reflect on these words, I realized that our personal experiences/past memories/stories told by others continually form a wall in our mind. That is why many non or pre-believers do not understand (or even reject) what we are saying when we share Christ. 

My prayer

Father God, I pray that You give me the right words to say so that when I share Christ, my words can break through the wall of pre-conceived ideas and memories, and change the mind of the person I’m talking to. Amen.

The Bible is a spiritual book. We can read and not understand. I think we can also read and misunderstand, using verses out of context. Distortion can be due to the weakness (or perversion/contamination/corruption) of the human mind or the craftiness of the devil. The devil is able to twist Scripture to his advantage. A true Christian does not misuse Scripture to his (or her) advantage.

Robert Morris also said that pride causes spiritual blindness. That is true. When I think I know, I realized that I actually don’t. God is merciful. He is patient and kind. He takes time to teach me and I realized that the more I pay attention to His still small voice, the more I will learn and grow. 

We want to learn and grow in Christ. I am sure that is what You want to see.

Many of us are already seeking to know You better, by drawing closer to You and by reading Your Word. I pray that You open our (blind) eyes so that we may see You, know You, love You, obey You and live the life that You have planned for us individually as well as united as one in Christ. 

I thank You for raising godly mentors, teachers, preachers, counselors, parents, pastors, friends and ministers both in church and in the world. May Your light of righteousness always shine through them. May Your love abound among us so that people who do not know You yet are drawn to You through our love and concern for them. May Your Word speak to us, feed us, nourish us, build us, strengthen us and give us hope, wisdom, joy and peace. Hallelujah!


God, I look to You; I won’t be overwhelmed; Give me vision to see things like You do; God, I look to You; You’re where my help comes from; Give me wisdom; You know just what to do;

I will love You Lord my strength; I will love You Lord my shield; I will love You Lord my rock; Forever all my days, I will love You God;

Hallelujah! Our God reigns! Hallelujah! Our God reigns! Hallelujah! Our God reigns! Forever all my days! Hallelujah!   


Lam Yee Ling