Quiet Time With Jesus – Action!

Saturday, 4 August 2018

After each seminar, conference, training or mission trip, I get very excited and usually desire more… For example, after attending a session on “Hearing God’s Voice – Part 1”, I signed up for Part 2 without hesitation. I simply wanted more of God in my life. Hearing His voice is like the key to open the door into His heart. That is how my spirit is stirred up. If a subject or topic or skill matches my heart’s desire, my hunger increases. 

There are also occasions when nothing happens after a seminar, conference, training or mission trip. We just wait for the next one. I remember attending an evangelistic training workshop many years ago. It was very tough for me because I was a young Christian then. We had to memorize a lot of Bible verses, learn a systematic method to evangelize and ‘pass a test’ that covers the entire course to make sure that we master the technique. One or two of my course-mates had broken down in tears due to the stress. When I came back to my home church, I didn’t know how to practice what I have learned. Slowly, memories of the course began to fade.

I think the course was a wonderful way to encourage Christians to take action. We did 2 OTJ (on-the-job). We visited 2 children homes and preached the Gospel using a fixed format. The course was targeted at children i.e. how adults and children can reach out to children. I have enjoyed the experience and fellowship with many brothers and sisters-in-Christ from other churches who shared the same passion. We even discussed about partnering one another. However, all of us returned to our respective churches and became very busy with other activities. 

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

I thank You for all the initiatives, inspiration and impartation from Your anointed ones. Help us to remember that we are supposed to ‘multiply’ i.e. to make disciples, to pass on skills, to lay hands and to build Your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. There is no retirement age for a Christian. We are created to grow into eternity. All praise and glory to God!

Help us to absorb everything that You want us to absorb, apply and put to practice.

Fill us with the passion and power of the Holy Spirit to go forth boldly, teaching and preaching the truth, and ushering people into the kingdom of heaven, our eternal home.


Lam Yee Ling