Quiet Time With Jesus – Listening Time

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

My mind is forever thinking about things that concern me, my family, friends, church etc and about events (i.e. planning and preparing). My mind is seldom still. Going away helps. I don’t mean going overseas. I just need to go out somewhere, walk at my own pace, keep my eyes open and my mind tuned in to God’s channel and LISTEN. I have not yet learned to stay focused.

Yesterday, I went to visit my hairdresser and she shared her life with me. Episode after episode (like watching a TV drama) was presented to me - in deep pain (emotional) and tears...

God is awesome. I seem to go to this hairdresser whenever there is no other customer around. She could talk freely to me. Sometimes, she would ask me for my opinion / advice. Yesterday, she said something very interesting: God is fair. God is very good to me. Every time when I am sad (troubled) He sends Christians to help me. And she went on to tell me how a young man who is the son of a pastor had helped her. Till this day, although he does not come to her salon anymore, he is still helping her. What a wonderful testimony from a pre-believer! 

Right now, other Christians and I are called to continue the good work. I pray that this hairdresser of mine will encounter Jesus face-to-face one day. 

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

You are amazing! You are watching every one of Your creation – every man and every woman, every child and every situation. You are in control of all things. You have a plan for each one of us. I pray that we can hear Your voice speaking to our minds and hearts - at all times. I pray that we can respond appropriately and timely so that we can effectively accomplish what You want us to accomplish. Your love for every person on earth is everlasting. Your free gift of eternal life is for every person we meet everywhere we go. But, the perfect timing is according to Your Plan. Help us not to hinder anyone or run ahead of You. Give us the right words to say whenever we share about Your amazing love. Teach us how to respond in truth and in love. Let us not debate or argue over spiritual matters, not even with one another. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. We know that You are always with us in all situations. Jesus has promised (in Matthew 28): And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.


Lam Yee Ling