Quiet Time With Jesus – Bonding and Belonging

Monday, 20 August 2018

The words (from a mother to her son) came to mind this morning, “Son, I don’t need you to become a doctor so that I can go around telling people that my son is a doctor. You are my son. You will always be my son.”

This mother also said, “Medical school? It’s a ‘hard life’” – this mother is more concerned about her son having a hard life than bringing her glory. 

The speaker who shared this testimony (to illustrate the importance of affirming our children) had revealed to me the true meaning of love and life. 

Another story he shared was the washing machine story. His family had a washing machine but his mother didn’t want to use it because she didn’t want to dirty it. We laughed. It sounds funny in our Singapore society today but the poor will understand how precious a washing machine is. What I also saw was the sacrificial spirit of a mother who is willing to continue washing clothes with her hands so that the washing machine can be preserved in good condition.

Tears welled in my eyes several times during the message delivered by this selfless man who gave his life to Christ.  

My favourite t-shirt is one that my daughter has given me. It says, “Lives Impact Lives.” The above testimonies of a life must have impacted many lives. God is amazing. He speaks to me through words on clothes, words on walls, words spoken, words written… He speaks to me in words linking them one to another at the appropriate time when I am ready to think and reflect on them. Thanks be to God. 

I’m wondering how compassionate we are towards the less fortunate - do we even notice them? Do we realize how competitive we are at the marketplace, in school, and wherever God had placed us? When are we going to join hands and hearts for our nation without criticising and comparing? Do we realise how confusing it is for our younger generation to watch us behave inconsistently towards others. The world has come into the church even though we are reminded again and again that we are in the world but not of the world. 

God has called us to be a light to the nations. Are we living up to His calling? Are we shining the ‘LIGHT’ of the world in dark places? How are we reaching out to the physically blind and spiritually blind? Do we think intellectually of the Bible instead of doing what it says?

Many people have inspired me by the way they live. We say we have given our lives to Christ. How much of our lives have we given to Him? 

I thank God for such a powerful message by a brother-in-Christ. The LIGHT of God has shone so brilliantly that I am so overwhelmed with emotions. Emotions are God-given. Do we translate emotions into actions?

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

Thank You for hearing my prayer. I believe the Holy Spirit have spoken into many lives. I have prayed for repentance and restoration of relationship with God – Yes! Dear God, I need to repent for the many times I hesitated to help someone who is in need of help. It was just a few seconds of pondering whether to step forward or not… and then, You have sent someone else to do 'it'.

I have also prayed for renewal of minds and revival of our spirits to glorify God. Father, You have answered more than I ask, given more than I can imagine… I am not talking about wealth and prosperity, not even intellectual understanding. I am talking about giving us a heart of compassion and clarity of mind – the heart of Jesus and the mind of Christ - to carry on living and loving people.

Thank You Father God for forgiving me. Indeed, I am Your child. I am forever Your beloved child. Your love is everlasting. Your free gift of life is eternal. Thank You Father. Amen.

Let us continually pray for greater impartation so that we (all God’s children) may have a greater impact on one another. Thanks be to God! Glory to God! Amen!

Lam Yee Ling