Quiet Time With Jesus – What Are You Looking For?

Saturday, 11 August 2018

I received a prayer request this morning… saddened by the news of a young woman diagnosed with cancer. After praying for her, thoughts continued to flow through my mind, flashing back to the time when I had stepped into Cairnhill Methodist Church... I had needed help desperately. God is good. He does not mind us running into His House when we are desperate. I ran into God’s Family.

Very quickly, I was immersed in Children Ministry. I also started working in a childcare centre near the church. My life was focused on children. My own children were aged 16, 13 and 8. As I continued to work with children, I became overloaded with work, frustrated when people didn’t respond to me quickly, or didn’t respond at all… Satan successfully killed my joy in the Lord!

One day, I surrendered. I told my prayer partner, “Church is now my workplace” and I said, “People don’t understand. When they come to church, they are supposed to work, to serve and to give their best!”

Another day, I asked another prayer partner, “Why are people not excited? Why are we not raising our hands, clapping with enthusiasm and saying – ‘Yes! Yes! Let’s do it!’” She replied, “Because it is very tiring…”

Very few people go looking for a church where they can give. Many people go looking for a church where they can receive i.e. good worship with a strong presence of God, good message with a strong foundation in the Word, good fellowship with members reaching out with love and grace… I didn’t know much about all these but I knew I needed help and I received it at Cairnhill. I am grateful. Thanks be to God!

Many people also kept asking God, “What do You want me to do?” Many do not get an answer. A Bible teacher once said, “Continue to do what you are doing. God will lead you.” I think he is right. When I look back at the path that I had walked, it is definitely not what I had planned. I think we don’t have to keep asking God. We just have to abide in Jesus. The in-dwelling Holy Spirit will lead us because He is our Helper, Counselor, Teacher… He is Someone we need in our redeemed life. Just listen to Him and we will find ourselves walking in line with God’s plan for us. 


Lam Yee Ling