Quiet Time With Jesus – In His Hands

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

In some areas of my life, I feel like I’m still a babe in Christ. I need to be enlightened, equipped and engaged to gain experience so that I may bear fruit.

A saint’s life is in the hands of God like a bow and arrow in the hands of an archer.
— Oswald Chambers

After listening to talks on “Hearing God’s Voice” and “Fasting” I decided to change the way I fast and put to practice what I have learned. 

I would like to share a poem that I composed yesterday:

The Body of Christ

Falling from trees are thousands of golden leaves;
Overflowing from my heart is His joy in sheaves;

Across the sky, birds are flying in one direction;
They seem to know their course and destination;

Before our eyes we see the beauty of nature;
In our minds we know WHO holds our future;

Twenty years have passed, what have we learned?
Sunset to sunset, what have we discerned?

His love is everlasting; His mercies are new every morning!
God is with us; Let’s rejoice with thanksgiving!

The Body abiding in Christ; Let us arise!
Jesus’ obedience has fully paid the price!

Family, missions and healing – our DNA…
Follow the vision – let’s not go astray…

Being salt on earth and light to the nations;
Our Father will reward our perseverance;

Remaining in Christ; United in spirit;
With Christ in heaven we shall sit! 


My Prayer

Dear Father God,

You ventured Your all in JESUS CHRIST to save us and now it is our turn to venture our all in Christ. There are areas in our lives where faith has not worked in us yet – places still untouched. Jesus prayed, “This is eternal life, that they [disciples of Jesus] may know You…” (John 17:3). Father God, we want to know You! Touch the areas of our lives where they are still untouched. We want to be bows and arrows in Your hands.


Lam Yee Ling