Quiet Time with Jesus – the Joy of the Lord

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

When someone asks me what I’m doing, I usually answer, “I have retired. I’m enjoying life.” Usually, the next question is, “So, what do you do every day?”

To someone who doesn’t know Christ yet, the answer anticipated would be something like: I go on holiday/I have a hobby/I keep myself busy… I have not found the best answer yet but I have been saying: I help out in church. Both Christians and non-Christians usually say: Good. What do you do?

Today’s devotional title in ‘Our Daily Journey’ is ‘Enjoying God Forever’ – Christians are meant to enjoy God the moment they receive Christ into their lives. They become Christians – followers of Christ. In His presence is fullness of joy. It took me a long time to discover the joy of the Lord. The Bible says: The joy of the Lord is your strength.

I’m delighted to see my children enjoy themselves. I dislike seeing them disagree, argue, quarrel or fight with one another. What about seeing our parents enjoy themselves? I have observed my friends delight in seeing their parents having a good time. There are also moments of joy in times of sorrow and pain, empathy and comfort. There are also moments of joy in times of reconciliation and forgiveness. The greatest joy is that precious moment when you encounter God and invite Him to take over your life. I can still remember the first time I encountered God and His Word. I cannot remember the minister (an invited speaker to our church) who laid hands on me. I could only remember he quoted Psalm 121. I knew nothing about Psalm 121 at that time. When I reached home, I quickly looked for it in my Bible. Every WORD gave me comfort and joy. One day when I was reading this psalm again and again, I SAW the word ‘watch’ and was absolutely amazed. The psalmist had used the word ‘watch’ 5 times in this psalm. I told myself: If God is watching over me all the time what more can I ask of Him? Surely, He will protect me from all harm.


The DELIGHT of the Lord is precious to me. It is something that seems to explode and overflows from inside me. It is JOY beyond description. It is JOY that is immeasurable. I affirm that the joy of the Lord is my strength in all circumstances. The joy of the Lord is all I need to spur me on towards good works. Therefore when I say: I have retired. I am enjoying life. What I mean is: I have retired - from working in the world. I am enjoying God. He is my boss. When my boss is happy, I’m happy. Hallelujah!

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

You are our Good Good Father. You watch over us all the time. You watch and will not let our feet slip. You do not slumber. Indeed, You will neither slumber nor sleep. You are our shade. The sun will not harm us by day nor the moon by night. You watch and keep us from all harm. You watch over our lives. You watch over our coming and going both now and forevermore.


Lam Yee Ling