Quiet Time with Jesus – The One Thing

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Are you always in a hurry?

Jesus is never in a hurry. Neither is He slow or late. If our hearts’ desire is to become like Jesus, this might be the first thing to practice.

The first time I went for a silent retreat, the word that God gave me (when I was traveling to the venue) was ‘EMPTY’ – God was telling me to empty myself of all my cares and burdens, worries and problems that were disabling me from running my race.

During the retreat, God gave me another word – ‘PRACTICE’ – God was telling me to put to practice what He was teaching me. I went home telling myself, “I must practice how to pray.”

Today, I see many brothers and sisters-in-Christ striving to do the best for the Lord, struggling and suffering…

I don’t think that’s what our ABBA Father wants us to do. He wants us to enjoy Him. He loves us. Love gives birth to adoration, worship, loyalty, obedience, integrity, diligence, self-discipline, self-control, humility…

He wants us to keep our eyes on Jesus, walk with Him and do what He wants us to do in the way Jesus does it – unhurriedly. He wants us to be like Jesus - full of love and compassion, meek as a lamb, bold as a lion. He wants us to walk on earth shining the light of forgiveness and salvation. 

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

Many Christians are longing for the rapture to take place but I think it is not time yet. I pray for all my brothers and sisters-in-Christ to shine as lights in this world of darkness. I don’t think we have the luxury of time to dilly-dally. Jesus is coming soon.

What do You want us to do? For some, it is sowing seeds of love; for others, it might be discipleship and nurturing, healing the sick, helping the poor, or raising the next generation of evangelists, prophets, pastors, teachers… 

You have called us. We have answered. Show us Lord, what we must do. Change our worldly mindset. Give us clean hands and pure hearts. 

Ezekiel tells us how the New Covenant works. The Law is written inside and not outside us. You will put Your law in our minds and write it on our hearts. You will forgive our wickedness and will remember our sins no more (Ezekiel 31: 33-34). We will have intimacy and all of us who believe in Jesus Christ will know You. 

Father God, help us to understand that we need not do ‘everything’ but we just need to do one thing – that is to love You – and when we truly love You, we will know what to do, how to do, and when to do.

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I am reminded once again to beware of getting ahead of You by my very desire to do Your will. I do not want to run ahead of You in a thousand and one activities, becoming so burdened with people and problems that I don’t worship You.

On behalf of all my brothers and sisters-in-Christ (all over the world), we surrender our spirit, soul and body to You this wonderful morning. Have Your way with us!


Lam Yee Ling