Quiet Time with Jesus – Intercessory Prayer

Friday, 30 March 2018

I confess that I often say, “I will pray for you” and forget to pray… To avoid forgetting, I often pray immediately - a short prayer - when I’m in the middle of something from which I cannot withdraw to pray properly. How does Jesus handle such times of need - to get away from the crowd to pray?

Oswald Chambers: Worship and intercession must go together; one is impossible without the other. Intercession means raising ourselves up to the point of GETTING THE MIND OF CHRIST regarding the person for whom we are praying (see Philippians 2:5). 

Do you throw petitions at His throne and dictate to Him what we want Him to do?

Do you worship God and seek to conform your minds to the mind of Christ?

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

I repent and seek forgiveness for a hardened heart towards people who have hurt me, offended me, attacked me, persecuted me, ridiculed me, humiliated me, and insulted me… The list goes on and on. Forgive me Lord for responding emotionally, primarily because I was SELF-FOCUSED. I am sorry, Lord! I still have a long way more to go. Please help me to FOCUS ON JESUS and His ways. He is the way and the truth and the life. Please help me to read and understand Your Word. Please help me to ‘eat and digest’ Your Word until they nourish my soul completely - revealing CHRIST IN ME.

I seek forgiveness for the hard feelings in my heart even when my mouth is praying. Father, You hate hypocrisy. Please break my hardened heart! I pray and ask for a new heart - a tender heart for everyone, especially my enemies. 

Jesus encountered people who rejected Him, insulted Him, looked down on Him, and people who spit at Him, flogged Him, and nailed Him to a cross. And yet He uttered the words, “Father, forgive them. They do not know what they are doing.” I want the heart of Christ to love everybody so that I may pray the way Jesus prays and love the way Jesus loves.


Today: Jesus stands before the throne of God, interceding for all the saints (you and I – followers of Jesus Christ). What an honour! Jesus the Son of God is praying for us! And what is required of us? To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God. 

Let us desire the mind of Christ and the heart of God so that we may love the way we are loved. Let us hunger for more of Him so that we may be transformed into new creatures in Christ. Let us drink from the fountain of life until overflowing so that living waters may flow out of our mouths to bless thirsty souls around us. Let us receive all that God has in store for us. Let us yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit so that we may fulfil all that God wants us to fulfil. God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 


Lam Yee Ling