Quiet Time with Jesus - Overcoming the Overcrowding of the Soul

Sunday, 10 Sep 2017

God has created us in His image but we are not an identical mass of human beings! We like different things; We live different lifestyles; We have different habits... Some of us take on too many things. When we have too many things to work on, we get out of focus. Some of us (myself included) find it difficult to say 'No' especially to our family members and friends. When we say 'Yes' to every request, we get chronically over-busy... Some of us do too much because we want to prove ourselves; Some of us are caught in the performance trap - I must do well; I must exceed expectations; I must be super excellent in everything I do - the pressure that we put on ourselves becomes destructive - we no longer enjoy what we do. Sometimes, we compare with our 'neighbours' (or peers) and we always feel that we are doing more than others... As I was asking the Lord for wisdom and guidance, I found some very useful pointers in my notes taken at a recent conference:

Overcoming The Overcrowding Of The Soul

1. Having A FOUNDATIONAL purpose that grounds us - a CALLING in the midst of many confusions.

2. Having FUNCTIONAL priority that governs us - a COMPASS in the midst of many compromises.

3. Having FAITHFUL passion that grows us - a COMMITMENT in the midst of many compulsions.

Suddenly, my mind is in focus! Thanks be to God for anointed teaching. Perhaps, this is the first time I really applied what I have learned from a conference. We must be intentional in everything we do. Yes! I intend to walk in His Will and Purposes for me. I do not want to waste time walking around in circles and not accomplishing what He has prepared for me. I do not want to face my ABBA Father on that special day and hear Him ask, "What have you done?" I would rather hear Him now: "What are you doing?"

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

I do not know how many brothers and sisters-in-Christ are over-busy or chronically busy... but I do know that the enemy is actively keeping us busy... so, I pray and ask for divine intervention - shake us, wake us, but do not forsake us, O Lord!

Guide us, teach us, enable us, empower us... to be Your vessels of LIGHT and LOVE and LIFE. Amen!

Excerpt from my notes: Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet.

Yes Lord, I pray that all followers of Christ will follow Christ walking on beautiful feet. Amen!

Lam Yee Ling