Quiet Time with Jesus – Real Reward

Wednesday, 3 May 2017 

We have been laid-back. Our Montessori Instructor told us that we will have a mock exam the following week. The day came. It was my turn. All eyes were watching me. Our instructor gave the question. I was supposed to demonstrate a specific activity that was the answer to her question. I started slowly and steadily, confident that I could do it. I completed it beautifully (almost perfectly).

Suddenly, a course-mate muttered the question again and it dawned on all of us that I have performed the wrong activity – wrong answer – 0 marks – FAIL!

The realization that I had answered wrongly overwhelmed me. I think my face must have been white with shock and disappointment with myself. The class was silent. They all sympathized with me but that would not mean I would pass if I gave the wrong answer during the REAL exam.

This morning, I read a sobering parallel to my real-life story.

I wonder if God will say something similar to numerous churches one day: “Nice-looking church building. Wonderful greeters. Highly relevant music. Well-organized small groups… Grade F. Wrong assignment!
— Wayne Cordeiro

Wayne Cordeiro pointed out that a forgotten identity is when a church becomes busy doing the wrong things, when a church becomes an end rather than a means to an end, and when the Christian subculture sets in or becomes too prominent a focus in a church.

After the shocking experience at the mock exam, I gave the correct answer at the REAL exam and scored 98 marks. Thank God for the mock exam!

Do I want to hear Jesus say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”?

My answer is: Yes, Lord! Yes, Lord! Yes, yes, Lord! That’s the REAL REWARD!

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

Lord, we look to You! We will not be overwhelmed. Give us vision to see things like You do…

I see the dark dark sky… If something is introduced, then light is seen with the naked eye…

Your church is like that reflective matter. Your Word calls us a mirror of Christ, the countenance of Christ, the representation of Christ (Matthew 5:14-16; 2 Corinthians 3:18). Christ is the light, and we are the reflection of that light in a darkened world.

You are inviting us to go out into the darkness of the world and reflect the light of Christ. Help us not to forget that the point is not that the world see us, it’s that the world SEE CHRIST. That’s what Your church is called to do. That’s what we are called to do.

Lord, we need You! Help us remember our true identity! Help us act on that identity!

In Jesus’ beautiful, wonderful and powerful name we pray!



Lam Yee Ling