Quiet Time with Jesus – Government

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Have you gone through an incident over and over again, and regretted again and again saying certain things or doing certain things?

When we do, we begin to build it into something inside our mind, heart and spirit. Our thoughts revolve around it … our emotions stirred ... and our spirit downcast … Sometimes, we become angry (with ourselves). Sometimes, we wish that it has never happened the way it did. Sometimes, the pain refuse to go away.

I have heard prayers like: “Dear Lord, if we have done anything wrong, please forgive us.” There is nothing wrong with this prayer. We all have fallen short of His glory. Even for vessels who carry His glory most of the time, they do miss it too – from unexpected, unguarded situations. When the soldiers are not on guard, the enemy attacks.

My Prayer 

Dear Father God,

I know I sin from time to time. I have not killed anyone physically but I have killed many people with my words. I have not stolen anything but I have taken things for granted. I have not destroyed anyone’s dreams intentionally but I have discouraged many and their hopes have faded … O Lord, forgive me for doing all these things and causing Your Holy Spirit to grieve. I am sorry that even when I did it, I was not aware that the Spirit grieves.

Today Lord, I come before You, humbly on my knees, repenting … Show me Lord the evil things that I have done. Show me Lord what You want to show me today. Help me Lord to do what You want me to do today. Thank You Lord. 

Remove from me the scar of this injury in my spirit. Help me to understand that I am not perfect. Help me to accept myself as I am. Help me to remember that I don’t have to do things perfectly. Help me to remember that I don’t have to hear perfectly. But I need to have a perfect heart in everything I do and everything I say. Let my heart speak. Let my heart help. Let my hands represent my heart. It is all about my heart. Yes, it is all about our pure hearts and clean hands. 

Our enemy is Satan. Jesus has given us the keys of heaven. We hold the keys. We can open doors. We can close doors. Your word says that we have the authority to bind and to loose. Teach us Lord how to bind and how to loose. Thank You Lord! 

Father God, I ask that You help us to let go of all our burdens and baggages, regrets and self-condemnation. We can confess that there is now no condemnation for those we are in Christ but deep in our heart, we may still carry it. Help us to let go. Help us to believe that it is already nailed onto the cross at Calvary. Help us to remember that Jesus has bled and died for what we do wrong – now and even in the future. Help us to remember that You are not expecting us to be perfect beings on earth but You are expecting OBEDIENCE – perfect obedience to Your Word and Spirit. We don’t have to carry our ‘wrong doings’ all our lives.

Sovereign Lord, You are government! Isaiah 33:22 tells us that You are our Judge, our Lawgiver, our King. It is You who will save us. Hallelujah! If we address all things in prayer, You will order our steps on successful mission journeys for Your glory. Amen! 

We worship You! We exalt You! We lift up on high the name of Jesus! We magnify You! We glorify Christ Jesus the King! We proclaim Your Sovereignty! We submit to Your Government! Amen!

Lam Yee Ling


Not my will but Yours be done, Sovereign LORD! Amen!