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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Excerpt from “Jesus – pure and simple” by Wayne Cordeiro

A customer went into a restaurant, ordered food and became irritable – not at the food, but at the temperature inside the restaurant. He called the waiter and said, “It is just too hot in here. Can you do something about the heat?!”

“Sure,” the waiter said. “We’ll get that taken care of right away, sir.”

The waiter disappeared to the back room, and then returned. “How’s that, sir?” “Better, better.”

A little while later the customer said, “Now it’s too cold! Can you turn down your air-conditioner?” “Absolutely, sir,” the waiter said. “I’ll be right back.” Again he disappeared and came back. “Is that any better?” “We will see. We will see.”

After a while the customer said, “Excuse me! Now it’s getting warm again.” The waiter said, “Let me go back and check.” Once again he went to the back room. “How’s that, sir?” “Better.”

In a few minutes, the dissatisfied customer got up, paid his bill, and left.

Another customer had been watching the scene unfold. He called to the waiter and said, “May I commend you? You are the most tolerant person I have ever seen. I would have punched that guy in the jaw long ago. But instead you just calmly went back each time and adjusted the air-conditioner.”

“Well, actually,” said the waiter, “I’ll let you in on a little secret.” “What’s that?” “We do not have air-conditioning in here.”

Unquote (paraphrased)

Dissatisfaction is a trap. What do we do when we are customers waiting to be served?

As customers, do we expect the best service?

Do you subscribe to “customers are always right”? (The answer depends on whether you are the one being served or you are the one serving, right? Double-standard?

In my 34 years of working experience, I have served many types of customers - in banking and pre-school. I was surprised to discover that even little children have become the “bosses” who pay our salaries.

Do we always want something better? Do we always want to have the best? Are we desiring to have the best product and expecting the best service wherever we go? Are we setting our minds on things above or things of the world? These are questions I ask myself.

Over time we will find that nothing is good enough … even talents … unintentionally we ignore the “so so” and invest in the “better one”...

Wayne Cordeiro: We find we’re no longer simply dissatisfied with our phones, clothes, cars, and pizza, but we’re also dissatisfied with our friends, churches, ministries, spouses, children – and God.

Jesus models CONTENTMENT for us. The Pharisees were plotting to kill Him. He was chased … followed … Jesus slept outdoors … was REJECTED by His followers. Yet He refused to be dissatisfied or disheartened.

Jesus sits in the company of sinners … but He was not influenced by the things of the world.

LYL: I have often been caught in disappointment. It would lead me into some form of discouragement and sometimes, into a state of hopelessness – and then I would be tempted to give up …

Jesus must have been disappointed and discouraged many, many times!

God must have been disappointed, frustrated and angry with us many, many times!

But, we are His children. He loves us with an everlasting love. His love endures forever and ever! We are His imperfect children and we often do not know what we are doing! That is why He gives us the Holy Spirit …

When God asks me, “What are you doing?” or “Where are you going?” I feel a knock on my head – He knocks my head with the kind of plastic hammer that squeaks, the kind that toddlers play with. Thank God! It is time to re-align and get back into His will.

Gratitude is like “piling” that needs to be driven early on in a person’s life. If we keep “piling” dissatisfaction into the soul of a young person, he will grow up dissatisfied and always demanding the best from others.

If we keep “piling” the word of God into the soul of a young person, he will be nurtured and shaped into His image revealed in His Word. Hallelujah! Thanks be to God!

But, how can we be grateful when problems come?

When I was serving in children’s ministry (in 2008) I distinctly heard His voice say, “Joy” – I reacted angrily – “What joy are You talking about ?!” Like a wall, I crumbled to the floor.

Although I was shaken, I was not touched by a “magic wand” – I did not leap like a deer or soar like an eagle immediately … It took me some time to recuperate … and get back into His will for me. Thanks be to God! He is faithful! He is super patient! He is merciful! O Lord, how many times have I disappointed You?! How many times have I frustrated You?! How many times have I made You angry?! Yet, You have NOT GIVEN UP ON ME. Thank You LORD!

My prayer

Dear Father God, today I am looking at many dissatisfied people around me. Every day, I hear a grumble here and a grumble there, a complaint here and a complaint there. I think I remember vaguely what Gandhi once said about being the change. If we want a change in our family, life group, church, workplace and everywhere in the world, let us BE THE CHANGE. If we want to impact the world, FIRST let us influence, inspire and impact the world around us.

“I want to be – a light to the nations; I want to be the salt of the earth; To show of Your glory; And tell them the story; Of Your magnificent love;

Light of the world shine through me; Let every nation proclaim You as king; Set my heart ablaze; Let the spark become a flame; Light of the world You can send me; Lord I will follow wherever You lead; I’ll go in Your name, Light of the world;

Lord use my hands to comfort and heal them; Lord use my heart to break for the lost; Cause if we don’t show them; Just how much You love them; Then tell me how will they know?” (Song: Light of the world)

Dear Father God, please help us to share our enlightened life with others - loving, caring, comforting, encouraging one another, bearing with one another, forgiving one another. Amen.

Lam Yee Ling

Kingdom Life: Follow the leading of the Lord; Listen to the Lord’s voice; Follow the way of the Lord. The Lord will guide us always. (Isaiah 58:11)