Quiet Time with Jesus – mercy

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Rick Renner: Inwardly you are so beautiful and magnificent that Almighty God wanted to live inside you! What kind of home do you think God would require? A shabby shack made of dirt and sticks? No! He has built for Himself a beautiful temple within your heart – and that is who you are right now! Unquote

How gracious is our God!

Imagine our Pure and Holy God looking for a dwelling place … I see Jesus lying in a manger … That itself is a powerful message to mankind …

Imagine looking around for a new place to live in … From house to house, apartment to apartment, what would you look out for? Would you choose a place that is dirty, broken-down … to be your new home?

Imagine the process of fasting … no junk food, no television, no telephone, no foul conversation … humbly retreat to a place where you are ‘cut off’ from the world to be still - in the presence of a Holy God …

How gracious is our God!

If we humble ourselves, come to the Father, repent (even with all the filth still inside us), confess … and cry out to Him for mercy … and invite Him into our heart, He says ‘YES!’ without hesitation. Knowing how filthy we are inside out, He says, ‘Yes!’

How gracious is our God!

My Prayer

Dear Father God,

This morning, I could only say, “How gracious is our God!

You are truly, truly gracious! You look into our inner being. You know everything about us inside out. Yet, You wait for us to invite You into our house (broken / dirty / decaying …) I just have to imagine a house infested with ants, termites, cockroaches, lizards, rats … Am I willing even to step in?

How gracious You are, Almighty God!

I remember the prodigal son (dirty, smelly, sticky …) returning home, and the Father running out to hug him … I may not even hug someone who is sick (or drooling …) How can I ever be like You? I’m sorry Lord! Forgive me Lord!

Teach me how to love - not selectively but all the people around me, all the people I meet, all the people I see, even all the people who complain and complain, grumble and grumble …. even the people who do things that I loathe. I am called to love them!

Indeed, the Body of Christ is called to love. Let us start loving one and another in the Family of God, regardless of denomination, regardless of which church we go to. Our hearts are all in the same place – in You. We believe in You. We belong to You. We are all saved by Your Grace, washed by Your Word, cleansed by Your Blood, through faith in CHRIST JESUS.

I proclaim that WE ARE ONE IN CHRIST! We are sent to love even people we do not know personally. Instead of criticizing and condemning, remind us to pray for them because You have come to seek and save the lost.

Who has never done wrong? Father, I lift up people I know who have gone astray, who have gone far, far away from You, people whom I (and / or my brothers and sisters in Christ) think are beyond redemption – in man’s eyes BUT NOT IN YOURS!

It is true that Your eyes are pure and holy. You do not tolerate sin. You do not condone sin. But Your Heart is full of LOVE and COMPASSION. If not You would not have sent Your Son Jesus Christ to come into our filthy world to touch the dirty, to heal the sick, to restore the broken pieces, to bring us back to You.

You are the FATHER IN HEAVEN waiting for all Your prodigal sons and daughters to come home. Yes, You are waiting with arms open wide …

Let us pray!

Lam Yee Ling

Kingdom Life: Follow the leading of the Lord; Listen to the Lord’s voice; Follow the way of the Lord. The Lord will guide us always. (Isaiah 58:11)