Quiet Time with Jesus – DNA and DEEDS

Thursday, 17 November 2016

God is good all the time. He puts a song of praise in this heart of mine. God is good all the time. Through the darkest night, His light will shine. God is good. God is good all the time. If you’re walking through the valley, and there are shadows all around, do not fear, He will guide you. He will keep you safe and sound. He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you and His Word is true.
We were sinners so unworthy. Still for us He chose to die. Filled us with His Holy Spirit, now we can stand and testify that His love is everlasting and His mercies will never end. Though I may not understand all the plans You have for me, my life is in Your hands. And through the eyes of faith I can clearly see God is good all the time.
My husband and I are married for 38 years. Many things have happened. I thank God for His mercies. In 1999, I stepped into church seeking God. I accepted Christ at the age of 48. That is rather late! But, I feel that my relationship with our Father in heaven had started since I was a little girl standing in front of a mirror. I asked, “Who made me? What am I here for?”
God’s hand has been guiding me although I was not aware of His plan for me. It is only in recent years that I could sense His awesome presence in my life and decided to seek Him more passionately, live more prayerfully and serve Him more purposefully.
Satan is relentlessly attacking our families. Satan is relentlessly attacking God’s Family. We must be alert and be aware of his evil schemes. We must keep watch all the time. We cannot fall asleep. We must wake up if we are sleeping. We must rise up if we are resting. Because the devil and his demons attack silently, we must watch and pray. We may not understand everything that happens but we can trust Him when He says that we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us.
On 15 Nov 2016, I found an old bookmark – “We love because He first loved us” – some verses don’t ‘speak’ until they are used by God at a specific time to speak to specific individuals. On this day when I pondered over this verse… It SPOKE to me:
Why does God love us?
Not because we are good.
Not because we do well.
But because we are His children.
YL: Why do I love my son? Not because he is good. Not because he has done well. But because he is my child.
Suddenly, I grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ (Ephesians 3:16-19).
This knowledge surpasses all understanding!
Since March this year, I have fasted and prayed every Monday.
I prayed for a ‘Breakthrough’ in many areas.
I prayed and asked God to come and ‘Build’ His church at Cairnhill.
I prayed and asked God to bless me to be a blessing to others.
I have seen His hand moving through me as He responds to my prayer and requests. Hallelujah!

My Prayer

Dear Father God,
I confess that I have a different perspective when I ‘look’ at CMC:
C – compassionate (people)
M – missional (Christians)
C - contagious (life ambassadors)
We are compassionate (like Jesus), missional (obedient to His commands) and contagious (our love spreads like fire). DNA is the fuel that burns inside us. Hallelujah!
Officially, we have defined our DNA as 'Family, Healing and Missions'. I call these 'DEEDS'. It was only on 9 Nov 2016 at Mercy Centre that God 'SPOKE' to me through Mercy. He enlightened the verse James 2:22.

People shall see that our faith and our actions are working together, and our faith is made complete by what we do.

Dear Father,
Let people see us as God’s Family;
Let us lay hands and see people healed by the power of the Holy Spirit;
Let us obey what You command because we love You;
Thank You God!
Yes! We love because You first loved us. You love us NOT because we are good. You love us NOT because we have done well. You love us because WE ARE YOUR CHILDREN.


Lam Yee Ling