Quiet Time with Jesus – His Becomes Ours

Thursday, 6 August 2015

O: observe
L: learn
D: do

We learn through experiences. We can also learn through observation. After we learn something, we must do it otherwise the learning goes to waste.

As I ponder over the above statement, I ‘see’ that we need the Holy Spirit in everything we do i.e. the observation, the learning and the doing.

We need the Holy Spirit to shine His light on the right spot (sometimes, it is the ‘blindspot’);

We need the Holy Spirit to teach us so that we might learn (especially to discern what is right and what is wrong, what is true and what is false);

We need the Holy Spirit to help us in everything we do;

The Bible says, “But He (Jesus) was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities” (Isaiah 53:5) ‘Ours’ becomes ‘His’ and ‘His’ becomes ‘ours’ – if we believe. It is an exchange, a divine exchange! It is a miracle, an awesome miracle! It is AWESOME because only Almighty God can do it!

Apostle Paul understood his inadequacy and acknowledged the power of the Holy Spirit when he said in 1 Corinthians 2:4

“My speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power …”
— 1 Corinthians 2:4

Our faith is rooted and grounded in God Himself. We must never rely on the clearness of our presentation of the Gospel. We must rely on the Holy Spirit and the certainty of God’s redemptive power. God Himself will put His Life into man (our loved ones, neighbors, foes and friends …)

When our faith is rooted in God Himself, nothing can shake us. He is unshakable! Therefore, we are unshakable! Hallelujah!



My Prayer

Dear Father God,

Like Peter, we confess that Jesus is the Christ (Messiah), Your One and Only Beloved Son.

Our faith is rooted and grounded in You, Father God! Upon this revelation, You will build Your Church and the gates of Hades (hell) shall not overcome it.

Yes! Sovereign LORD, You are giving us the keys of the kingdom of heaven – whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever we loose (release) on earth have been loosed (released) in heaven. Hallelujah! Amen! (Matthew 16:17-19)

Therefore, being rooted in You, I give my sanctified life to You for Your service, so that You can use me as Your hands and Your feet; And I am Your mouthpiece when I speak, Your pen when I write, Your heart when I intercede, Your mind when I think, Your strength when I serve, Your wisdom when I make decisions, Your faithfulness when I pray … the list goes on and on and on and on and on ... You are our God of eternity and infinity!

Indeed, You are our everything!

To God be the glory; To God be the glory; To God be the glory for the things He has done;

With His blood He has saved me; With His pow’r He has raised me; To God be the glory for the things He has done;


In Jesus’ wonderful, beautiful, glorious and matchless name I pray.

Yes! I believe that God’s purpose is to make us one with Christ and Christ is in God, God is in Christ, and we are in Christ and Christ is in us. Awesome God! Glory to God! Amen!

Lam Yee Ling

Father, not my will but Yours be done. Amen.