Quiet Time with Jesus – Only One Way

Monday, 20 July 2015

What must I do to ensure peace of mind?

[He asks so little and gives so much]. In Him we have … the forgiveness of sins...
— Ephesians 1:7

After I shared a testimony … I was thinking about what I said and what I SHOULD have said … The mind took over but it is okay. It’s like rehearsal after rehearsal … God uses our minds naturally and supernaturally – for His glory.

The words I thought I SHOULD have said are Isaiah 55:8 – “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

God’s ways are not our ways.  I have done the ‘normal’ thing to reach out to non-believers and pre-believers.  And the ‘normal’ response seems to be ‘no, thank you’.

I began to stop doing the ‘normal’ thing.  To my amazement, God steps in.  And He reveals to me that He is working.  So, I let go.

Today, I am reminded of the time when I wanted to have a son. I told God (I wasn’t a Christian yet) – “If it is Your will, let me have a son before I turn 40.” When I struggled with problems related to my son, I had wondered whether I had gone against His will.

God has assured me that He is the One who gave.

He asks so little and gives so much.

Oswald Chambers

BEWARE of the pleasant view of the fatherhood of God: God is so kind and loving that of course He will forgive us … The only basis on which God can forgive us is the tremendous tragedy of the Cross of Christ … Forgiveness, which is so easy for us to accept, COST the agony at Calvary.

Unquote (emphasis mine)

I went to watch His Life’ the musical on Saturday, 18 July. The entire performance was amazing.  The part that pierced my heart was the sound effect – the sound of the hammering of nails, each pounding sound went straight into my heart and soul.  It was supernaturally PAINFUL.

He asks so little and gives so much.




My Prayer

Dear Father God

Forgiveness is the divine miracle of Your grace. The COST to You was the Cross of Christ.

Without the atonement, You cannot forgive – You would contradict Your nature if You did. The ONLY WAY we can be forgiven is by being brought back to You through the atonement at the Cross of Calvary. Your forgiveness is possible only in the supernatural realm.

Oh! Holy God, unveil our eyes … pierce our hearts … reset our minds … Though You have said that Your ways are not our ways, Your thoughts are not our thoughts, I seek and pray in the name of Jesus, that the eyes of our hearts may be ENLIGHTENED to KNOW the hope to which You have called us … and Your incomparable great power for us who believe.

Father, we submit to You and Your Way this day. Help us to hear Your voice, listen and obey, witness - in Your Way because there is no other way. 

In Jesus’ wonderful, beautiful and glorious name I pray.


Lam Yee Ling


Father, not my will but Yours be done. Amen.