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Friday, 17 July 2015

God’s Promises are Yea and Amen!

Let us not be distracted …

On Wed 15 Jul, I shared something personal with my BSF discussion group:

“I’m very busy on Sundays; I have ‘a lot’ (my own perspective) of things to do; I’m busy looking for people so much so that my priority on Sunday was ‘my work’. Sp, instead of focusing on God, I was focusing on people - murmuring (in my heart), criticizing (in my mind), judging (in my spirit) … until one Sunday, God convicted me – “YL, what are you doing?” It was terrible, terrible, terrible … But, the devil’s ploy was exposed. Praise God!

We need to be careful of his subtle attempts at breaking down the church, tearing down what we have built, dividing the church … His attempts are consistent & persistent. I had resisted him - once, twice, thrice … he wears me down! And without realizing it, his voice became louder … and then I stumbled.

Beware of that critical voice in your head.  

John Elliott (International Director of World Outreach)

Let us not be distracted by all the anarchy, religious strife, political inaptness and economic uncertainty that prevail in the world today. Rather, let’s look back at the Lord’s faithfulness, and then declare and hold onto the words and promises He has spoken to our hearts that remain yet unfulfilled. For just as the rainbow reminds us that God has kept His promise not to flood the earth again, He can also be trusted to fulfill His promises we hold dear to our hearts.


Way back in 2007, I received a call from my son’s teacher. He informed me that my son will be caned … My response was, “Go ahead. I consent.” The offense: my son was frequently late for school.

Someone commented that tardiness is an offense that does not justify caning. “It is too harsh.” For the record, my son was not caned. He was never caned.

Way back in the ‘80s, I was always late for work. I would hail a taxi … and I end up taking the same taxi to work every day. I can still remember the numbers on the number plate – 3016.

Whenever I am late nowadays, I catch a cab. I would excuse my tardiness with a noble thought, “Today, I bless the taxi driver.”

If we step out of ourselves and look impartially at what we are doing and thinking, we will be appalled. 

Way back in 2010, I arranged eight chairs in the AVA room (prayer room for Sunday School teachers). As I was arranging, a voice said, “So many will come ‘meh’?”

That morning, exactly eight teachers came to pray! I was close to tears – at God’s faithfulness. 

Just like a driver has responsibility - to others on the road, I see punctuality as a ‘message’ to the world.

You might think – Jesus is sometimes ‘late’ – that is not true. Jesus walked in God’s will at all times. Jesus was never late. Jesus will never be late.

As I ponder over my bad habits and the consequences that had followed … I thank God for unveiling my eyes to see myself through His eyes. Each time, the moment I saw my ugly self, I broke down and cried. In the spiritual realm, the wall separating me from God also broke down – by my tears and His forgiveness – and once again, I am in that special place again.

God has been good. Many of my problems are not solved yet but I believe God is faithful; He is good; He is in control; He will work all things for my good …

‘Nations’ (a publication of World Outreach International) stated the 2020 vision of WOI’.

Do you have a 2020 vision? 

YL: Our race is not over yet. In fact, it has only begun. We are on a mission of faith – “Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit” the Lord is saying. 


My Prayer

Dear Father God

I desire to see Your purposes come to fruition through the church of Jesus Christ, not ‘my’ church but ‘Yours’. 

It gives me great delight to see each church fulfill Your calling … to see churches collaborating with one heart and one mind … Thank You for JDOP SG50. 51,000 people had gathered at one place - to worship You, thank You, and declare that YOU ARE GREAT! We celebrate the good of our land – we celebrate a strong and growing church, we celebrate fathers and families, we celebrate the myriads of everyday blessings … 

We prayed for the church (unity of the Body), family (harmony in the home), Government (singleness of heart), people (social cohesion). We prayed for our Prime Minister. We bless our young to soar and shine – we lifted up our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren, our great great grandchildren and even those yet to be born … we declared our destiny - a nation born to bless, chosen to lead - a nation radiant with God’s glory! Amen!

Oh!  Sovereign God, Your Hand is upon our land. Amen!

This event is not the work of one man but it is the work of One Body - set apart as holy! 

I wrote in my journal 3 words:




Oh! Come Holy Spirit! Come and fill each vessel, pure and holy … a CEO we shall be.


Lam Yee Ling


Father, not my will but Yours be done. Amen.