Quiet Time with Jesus – Fruit

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Charles Swindoll (CS) says that ‘serendipity’ occurs when something beautiful breaks into the monotonous and the mundane. A serendipitous life is marked by “surprise-ability” and spontaneity.

Do you find God incomprehensible and mysterious?

God delights in surprising us. CS puts it this way: God dots our pilgrimage from earth to heaven with amazing serendipities.

During my 27 years of providing back office support, I had often thought of giving up the monotonous day-to-day routine of processing transactions for the front office. We received more complaints than compliments. We received a small / no bonus while the front office people received significant rewards for their hard work.

However, as I recall and reflect, it was not monotonous all the time. We had system conversion and upgrades, mergers and bad loans, poison letters and power failure, and even a real fire. The Prime Minister’s office was burning two floors above us. The corridor was engulfed with smoke. We had no choice but to walk down forty-eight floors …

If we sit down and think through everything that happens, there will always be something for us to discover, something for us to learn ... and grow.

Your current situation may be boring and mundane, “heated up” and intense, dry and barren as a desert or forlorn and meaningless as a wasteland. You may be tempted to think, “There’s no way!” when someone suggests things could change.

Look up! God may be planning a "serendipity" in your life.

During one missions trip, we kept singing the song “God will make a way when there seems to be no way …” We were not desperate because we knew that He will always make a way for us. He did. We can testify that God is faithful. Hallelujah!

After every missions trip, I learned something new. I’ve learned to be flexible. [I was probably the most rigid human being on earth!] My leader seemed to be able to “think on her feet” … I did not realize that we were actually being led by the Spirit. Indeed, the Holy Spirit is the true leader of all missions trip. He knows beforehand what is going to happen and He already has a plan.



My Prayer

Dear Father God,

You are the Creator of heaven and earth. You made man in Your image. You knew before we sin that we would sin … You know us.

I want to know You as much as You know me. Reveal Yourself to me. May I be reformed and transformed back into Your image - Your original design for me.

“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,”
— Matthew 5:44

In Jesus' name I pray.

Charles Stanley

The thing that sets the fruit of the Spirit apart from its counterpart is that the fruit of Spirit is NOT environmentally sensitive.

It’s one thing to have peace and joy when everything is going your way. It’s another thing altogether to maintain your peace and joy when the bottom falls out. It’s one thing to love your children; it’s another thing to love your enemy. Unquote.

Are you a fruit of the Spirit?

Lam Yee Ling

Not my will but Yours be done. Amen.